Introduction to Stephienese

I haven't had my own blog ... ever I think. Anyways, this is weird typing an intro when I don't even know if anyone will see it. Oh wellio :) As you can tell, I ramble quite easily.

I wanted to start a blog to keep track of my progress as far as applying makeup goes. I've only started using eyeshadows, bases, etc. (aside from mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss) this past May 2007. I feel like I've progressed since I first started and I thought it would be nice to keep it all in one collection, as well as my present and future looks/ tutorials.

Also, I'll be writing about my life, and probably complain every now and again... y'all can ignore those entries if you want.

What else.... I really should be studying for my marketing exam right now. It's on Wednsday and I've only studied the first two chapters out of the four. I'm sure I can catch up, but it's just been a little hard doing it lately. I just transferred to my new university after getting my Associate's Degree over the summer. I have a 4.0 at my old college, but I'm sure I'll have to work twice as hard to keep up in my current university. I'm a part of the Honors College, which just adds a little more stress. And I'm part of a leadership program in my business school. It's really hard getting to know people out here in the university since I'm already a junior and most of the friendships have been made since many have attended here since their freshman year. I have my honie with me so that makes life easier <3>I've been with my honie for almost two years & it has been the longest relationship I've ever been in. I love him.

THE PICS: These are a couple of FOTDs that I wore these past few days. It's my "Mod Doll Look". They are basically the same besides different falsies and different colors of lipstick. I'll make another entry on them soon.

I think that's pretty much all about me that I'm going to write for now. I'm thinking it's not that great and I'll end up re-writing it.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging Stephie! :)

    This is Liz; I found your site through FeiFei's.

  2. Hi,

    I've seen some of your posts on ABB. You're very talented! I'd like to know what products/techniques you use to fill rour eyebrows. Sorry if you've already answered that question in ABB...


  3. I enjoy seeing your posts on ABB... and am learning alot from you. Great blog!

  4. Hi there!
    I've also seen you on ABB! Love your posts and vids!! :)

  5. just out of curiousity, whats ABB? also, were u using false lashes in ur first pic? the one where ur wearing a black top. if yes, what brand were they? thanks. :) btw, i think ur gorgeous.

  6. makeup_novice: i'll do my best to fill you in on how i do my brows... soon :D sorry but i've got a couple exams coming & i'll get to it asap!

    anonymous: ABB is another blog that i'm a member of. check it out sometime if you like! it's a great community :D

    i'm wearing falsies in both of the pictures. the first picture are red cherry lashes #99 & the second pic is red cherry lashes #38. i found them in LA Chinatown.

  7. Hi,

    I really love all your make up looks and I think you are absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. But I do have a problem your photos and the amount of them. In truth I think they are quite poser and a little vain. It would be great to see pics of your hobbies, music interests etc. to make the blog more interesting and also reflect more of your personality.

  8. hey voni! i appreciate the honesty. i do see what you mean, most of the pics i have up are for which is a beauty site so i take a lot of pictures to show the details, not because i'm vain. i just wanted to clear that up & i didn't take it personal. i know since i post a lot of makeup related things that it may be misconstrued that i think i'm all that and a bag of chips, but i do it to give others some ideas of what to do or try out.

    i will start posting things other than makeup stuff (i do others things than just makeup :D), but i still will post beauty related things since that's just how i am. but thanks for letting me know & i'll try to fix it :D

  9. Make-up is ur interest, so i don't see why u shouldn't do ur post on it. and who cares if your pics are "quite poser and a little vain" because you've got it going on, so flaunt it girl... don't let jealous ppl indirectly criticise you and get you down. do what you want and keep posting your gorgeous pics babe. :)

  10. Hi stephie...hehe i know u from u tube at first...when i watch one of ur video tutorial, i started to search about u...and i found ur blog and als started to catch up on every single new post...and guess what?! im lovin it! I love make up as u do...hehe But i live in jakarta so MAC cosmetics is still rare in here...Btw...Thanks for all ur usefull posteng stephie...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! and i become one of ur fans! haha

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