My Disclaimer

In advance, I wanted to give out a disclaimer on my makeup posts. I love MAC makeup. The looks that I create are on me, so obviously I adjust the shadows and makeup to my face. I'm writing my opinions in my posts just as they are, opinions. Not all the looks I create will fit for everyone, and if I post something that you don't like, please feel free to tell me. I've learned what I've learned so far from posting in makeup blogs and groups and getting feedback from others. I love constructive criticism and if you see something I could improve, then I'll try for sure. However, please don't just leave me comments that are outright rude. I'm not trying to post here just to "show off". I actually want to give my knowledge to others and learn more on the way.

I'll start posting my stuff soon, and I hope I can help anyone out there (and that y'all will help me!).


  1. Yay, you've finally got your own blog! I've always been a fan of your makeup looks but being a serial lurker at ABB, i've never really commented :P, lol. I'm excited for you about your new own blog so im gonna post here now!! Anyway, love the new look you've created for MAC Holiday 06 Intense Eyes! I have one too but I've never actually tried to use all of the colors in one sitting! Definitely going to try out that look you did! Can't wait to watch the tut once it's on youtube! Thanks Stephie!

    btw, just out of curious, you're viet right? b/c i remember you mentioned that your dad is filipino in abb, i think. ^-^

  2. Hey Angie :D

    I'm actually 100% filipino :) A lot of people think I'm Viet, maybe because my bf is Viet.... but unfortunately I'm not :D