..... is overrated. My Honie & I planned on waking up around 4:30 AM to drive over to the local Fry's Electronics, but we ended up sleeping in until 6 AM. We got to Fry's and the sales weren't worth the effort of getting up early. Later, my friends told me Best Buy would have been better, but oh well. We ended up buying an external hard drive and a couple of DVDs. I wanted to find a GPS, but I didn't really find one that I thought was worth the money.

We then went to the mall, searching around for some good deals, but again, nothing. Empty handed, we were about to leave when I remembered that MAC had a new collection. Considering that I had saved some money to shop majorly on Black Friday (and none of it had been spent), my Honie and I went over to the MAC Store :)

I really like the Metal-X Collection. I'm into shimmery and glittery things so of course I was in love. I wanted all the shadows, but I only picked 5. I don't own any glitter liners, so I decided to try them out.... they are my fave items from the collection! I plan on getting more later.


Metal-X Shadows

I was expecting the shadows to be more on the cream side, but in reality they are a lot drier. If you've ever felt the cream blushes from MAC, I thought they would be like that, or like Studio Tech. Instead I'd describe them as a hybrid, in the middle of a powder and cream form. The reason I say this is because when I was applying the eye shadow with my 242 brush, some parts would come off like powder residue. However, they smoothly went on like a cream. They are shimmery and jewel-like, which I'm loving right now. Overall, I really like them. They are unlike any other eye shadow I have from MAC. They don't crease and are long wearing. I wear a base under them... just don't confuse these with paint pots. The Metal-X Shadows are more opaque than paint pots... I recommend them!


Glitter Eye Liners

I don't have any glitter eye liners, so I decided it was okay if I bought a couple to try them out. These are the pick of the collection in my opinion. They are so easy to apply, and they last so long! It comes off fairly easily with my MAC Wipes. I can't say enough about them, I'm definitely buying more if that's an indication of how much I love them :) I like wearing them over my liner on the upper lashline.


I was back in bed at 8:30 AM, and got up around 1 PM. I had to work that afternoon, so I had to sleep! I was so excited to try out my new goodies, so I came up with this next look. It reminds me of emeralds.

Oh, and someone requested that I take pics of the products I use. It looks like a lot LOL, so don't hate ;)

What I Used

Renewal Defense Charged Water
Studio Moisture Fix
Fast Response Eye Cream
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Studio Tech NC35 - all over face with 190se (not shown)
Armani Micro-fil Powder 2
Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader - fill in brows with Shiseido #6 brush
Emote Blush - contour with 168 brush
Sunbasque Blush - apples of cheeks blended up and out with 136

Studio Finish Concealer - under eyes with 252 (not shown)
UDPP - base for lid to brow
Beige-ing Shadestick - base for lower lashline
6th Sin Metal-X Shadow - all over lid with 242
Stormwatch e/s - crease with 224
Newly Minted Matte2 e/s - lower lashline with 219
Shroom e/s - highlight with 227 (not shown)
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline
Blacktrack Fluidline - upper lashline with 266
Lime Dandy Glitter Eye Liner - over Blacktrack
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara

Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm
Flattering Mattene Lipstick


Today I took another crack at shopping. I went over to Macy's because my boss told me about some good deals going on over there. I've been in dire need of new fragrances, I've only had my Vera Wang Princess for over a year. I went with two of my co-workers, one of them my awesome guy-loving guy friend... he's the best to shop with :) Anyways, Hung (my friend) knew one of the ladies at the Estee Laudere perfume counter since she's a regular at the restaurant. She helped us with some gift with purchases. I was so happy with the one she hooked me up with. This Baby Phat bag is supposed to be given only to purchases of Baby Phat perfumes, but she got the lady at the Baby Phat counter to give me and my friend a bag. We even got our bags monogramed for free! I was uber happy, especially since the bag is leopard print.... and y'all know I'm a leopard whore :)

My friends helped me pick out two (actually three) fragrances. I got LAMB and DKNY Be Delicious (red & green in one pack). I like the Red DKNY perfume better than the green one. The LAMB perfume came with a lotion and full-size fragrance. I like them both... I love sweet smelling perfumes so I'm really happy :) My fave smell ever is Moonlight Path from Bath and Body Works, but their smells usually don't last all day.

Anyways, I have to finish up a presentation I'm giving on Monday. It's over the leadership style of Attila the Hun. I'm not even done yet... oh well! I think I can make it work though. Night y'all!