Black Friday....

..... is overrated. My Honie & I planned on waking up around 4:30 AM to drive over to the local Fry's Electronics, but we ended up sleeping in until 6 AM. We got to Fry's and the sales weren't worth the effort of getting up early. Later, my friends told me Best Buy would have been better, but oh well. We ended up buying an external hard drive and a couple of DVDs. I wanted to find a GPS, but I didn't really find one that I thought was worth the money.

We then went to the mall, searching around for some good deals, but again, nothing. Empty handed, we were about to leave when I remembered that MAC had a new collection. Considering that I had saved some money to shop majorly on Black Friday (and none of it had been spent), my Honie and I went over to the MAC Store :)

I really like the Metal-X Collection. I'm into shimmery and glittery things so of course I was in love. I wanted all the shadows, but I only picked 5. I don't own any glitter liners, so I decided to try them out.... they are my fave items from the collection! I plan on getting more later.


Metal-X Shadows

I was expecting the shadows to be more on the cream side, but in reality they are a lot drier. If you've ever felt the cream blushes from MAC, I thought they would be like that, or like Studio Tech. Instead I'd describe them as a hybrid, in the middle of a powder and cream form. The reason I say this is because when I was applying the eye shadow with my 242 brush, some parts would come off like powder residue. However, they smoothly went on like a cream. They are shimmery and jewel-like, which I'm loving right now. Overall, I really like them. They are unlike any other eye shadow I have from MAC. They don't crease and are long wearing. I wear a base under them... just don't confuse these with paint pots. The Metal-X Shadows are more opaque than paint pots... I recommend them!


Glitter Eye Liners

I don't have any glitter eye liners, so I decided it was okay if I bought a couple to try them out. These are the pick of the collection in my opinion. They are so easy to apply, and they last so long! It comes off fairly easily with my MAC Wipes. I can't say enough about them, I'm definitely buying more if that's an indication of how much I love them :) I like wearing them over my liner on the upper lashline.


I was back in bed at 8:30 AM, and got up around 1 PM. I had to work that afternoon, so I had to sleep! I was so excited to try out my new goodies, so I came up with this next look. It reminds me of emeralds.

Oh, and someone requested that I take pics of the products I use. It looks like a lot LOL, so don't hate ;)

What I Used

Renewal Defense Charged Water
Studio Moisture Fix
Fast Response Eye Cream
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Studio Tech NC35 - all over face with 190se (not shown)
Armani Micro-fil Powder 2
Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader - fill in brows with Shiseido #6 brush
Emote Blush - contour with 168 brush
Sunbasque Blush - apples of cheeks blended up and out with 136

Studio Finish Concealer - under eyes with 252 (not shown)
UDPP - base for lid to brow
Beige-ing Shadestick - base for lower lashline
6th Sin Metal-X Shadow - all over lid with 242
Stormwatch e/s - crease with 224
Newly Minted Matte2 e/s - lower lashline with 219
Shroom e/s - highlight with 227 (not shown)
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline
Blacktrack Fluidline - upper lashline with 266
Lime Dandy Glitter Eye Liner - over Blacktrack
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara

Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm
Flattering Mattene Lipstick


Today I took another crack at shopping. I went over to Macy's because my boss told me about some good deals going on over there. I've been in dire need of new fragrances, I've only had my Vera Wang Princess for over a year. I went with two of my co-workers, one of them my awesome guy-loving guy friend... he's the best to shop with :) Anyways, Hung (my friend) knew one of the ladies at the Estee Laudere perfume counter since she's a regular at the restaurant. She helped us with some gift with purchases. I was so happy with the one she hooked me up with. This Baby Phat bag is supposed to be given only to purchases of Baby Phat perfumes, but she got the lady at the Baby Phat counter to give me and my friend a bag. We even got our bags monogramed for free! I was uber happy, especially since the bag is leopard print.... and y'all know I'm a leopard whore :)

My friends helped me pick out two (actually three) fragrances. I got LAMB and DKNY Be Delicious (red & green in one pack). I like the Red DKNY perfume better than the green one. The LAMB perfume came with a lotion and full-size fragrance. I like them both... I love sweet smelling perfumes so I'm really happy :) My fave smell ever is Moonlight Path from Bath and Body Works, but their smells usually don't last all day.

Anyways, I have to finish up a presentation I'm giving on Monday. It's over the leadership style of Attila the Hun. I'm not even done yet... oh well! I think I can make it work though. Night y'all!


  1. The Metal X looks really nice and I like the look you did with the emerald one.

  2. Hi Stephie, I'm so jealous of you and your junkload of makeup. I wish I had a huge collection. Do you think you could take a picture of your WHOLE collection for me? I wanna see it. ;]

    If yes, thanks so much!

  3. chloe: i would like to take a pic of everything i own.... but i'm a bit put off from doing it just because i've been advised by a few well-intentioned readers and friends that showing all of it could open up a can of worms that don't need to be let out if you know what i mean.... negative comments and constant questions about how i afford it. i don't think at the present moment i can put up with a lot, with all the stress i have going on in school, but i may change my mind in the future..... i do plan on sharing, but after finals are over and i can chill :)

  4. Oh yeah, cute bag! Although I dont like baby phat :P

    I was wondering how old you were when you started wearing foundation and all that stuff? Im 16 and my mom wont let me wear stuff. I wanted to try out Bare Minerals but shes like "They want you to think it's all made from minerals... but its really not." Aahaha.

    Your hair is cute. I recommend sunsilk. I got a sample of it last week and Ive been using the shampoo, conditioner and that thing you put on after you toweldry your hair (not sure what it's called). Anyway, my hair is so soft right now.. I cant stop touching it! =)

    I apologize for my inappropriate rambling.

  5. A mac makeup artist told me that the metal x shadows arent crease proof. So did they crease on you? im scared to get them cuz i have oily lids. I might get them though if they dont crease! thanks a whole lot! :)

  6. Love the green look. I was gonna get the L perfume last week but ended up getting Diamonds (Armani one) instead. Now I want L again... *sigh* And I want that baby phat bag, haha.

  7. hello stephie, first time been to ur blog!:P

    U look so gorgeous w/ this green look! actually, u always look great w/ green!

    I have 4 metal-x but it still crease on me... even w/ UDPP..
    my friend told me to try eye gloss...
    I'll try it next time cuz metal-x e/s has the most pretty glitter!!!
    love'em so much!

    I'll come here more often! :D

  8. chloe: i don't like baby phat much either, but hey, free is free! :D

    i think i started wearing foundation... when i was 17 i think... but i usually used tinted moisturizers up until january 07.... i'm thinking at your age your skin is still pretty good, so you don't need to cover up too much. i don't either, so i've stopped using foundation every day.

    anonymous: unfortunatley they do crease a little on me. my right eye has more folds than my left so it creases on the fold area, even with my UDPP.... but i love it so much that i'm going to try hard to find a way to make it work!

    snowkei: omg i'm seriously speechless that you took the time to check out my blog *bows down* lol you are one of my main inspirations when i first started up with my MAC addiction.

    i love the metal-x shadows too... hopefully the eye gloss will work out for you and then i'll try it :) i know you have a chinese blog, but would you mind me linking it on mine? that way i can always check up on your pics since i can't read anything ;)

  9. The Metal X looks stunning on you - did it crease at all?

    I also can't believe you got the bag monogrammed for free! amazing such a cute idea.

  10. rf: it did crease on my right eye ever so slightly, only in the inner corner where my eye folds randomly... which sucks. otherwise it was fine on the rest of my lid.

    the monogramming was an awesome idea for macys! i heard that on nov 29 they are going to engrave perfume bottles for free... i'm not sure if that's at all locations, or just select ones though.

  11. dear stephie, that would be fine for the linking! =D I havent leave a message at blogspot before... awkward me...

  12. the green e/s looks really great.
    I can't wait to try them :))

    Happy sunday!

  13. stephie, you rock :)
    i love your makeup, i love the bag and i love lamb's perfume haha.

  14. hey stephie. i agree, the greens look really nice on you. can't wait to see your take on the other X's.

  15. First time going on this blog! :)The Metal X looks awesome! I definately want to get some for myself. Your skin looks so awesome :( I would die to have your skin. What do you do to zap away breakouts?

  16. I prefer the green DKNY Be Delicious :P The red smells weird on me but it's probably just me, lol. I have odd body chemicals, haha. A friend of mine wore LAMB by Gwen and it smelt nice!

    I like sweet smelling perfumes too :D

    You guys get all the good GWP! That bag is hot!

  17. Steph, for your Romping e/s... is it from the pro store or from the c-shock collection?

  18. ohhh ur fotd is really beautiful!

  19. Hi,
    I couldn't help reading one of your response's to a young lady's comment about foundation. In response to your response, I was wondering whether you ever went out without make up.

    I love your website. Thank you for teaching others great stuff.

  20. ok thanks snowkei :) and thank you ladies for the sweet comments! i <3 y'all!

    pinkiish: i usually stick a mask on top like st ives mineral clay mask or proactive.... and just wait it out really..... i'm still recuperating from some breakouts right now... poo!

    asianshell: it's from the c-shock collection... i don't know if it's a pro color or not..

    anonymous: for the sake of others, i ALWAYS wear makeup :) lol jk.... i do go out without makeup when i'm lazy but when i'm going to school or work i will at least wear liner and mascara. my eyes look sleepy and dead without it since i almost never get enough sleep.

  21. stephie, I've viewed ur video at youtube...and I check them all! I like ur voice cuz! :D

  22. Hey Stephie! Hope you had a great thanksgiving! Your green look is soo pretty! I want to try out the shadows now. Woot! I can't wait to see the holiday look, but definitely take your time and focus on school. I know the last leg is always crazy! Good luck with your presentation and good luck on finals!

  23. omg i loooove your new makeup! dumb people need to stop hating. i think they're just jealous! i wish you could do a tutorial on every single one of your looks. haha. but i know that's impossible since you're so busy. i'm hoping to see new tutorials when you're done with finals! i understand your stress. i'm in college too and i'm an overachiever! but anyway, i cant wait to see more of your work. you've actually helped me A LOT! you really can do this for a living!

  24. to my helpful anon: thanks for the tip.... i'll definitely do that.

  25. my sister is gorgeous! aren't the metal-x eyeshadows awesome???! the colors are breathtaking!

  26. Hi Stephie!
    I've been lurking for a while and I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog and tutorials. I've been a MAC collector for quite some time, but your creative looks always give me inspiration and are so helpful. They're like a breath of fresh air!

    Anyway, I have a question about the MAC PRO card application. I freelance as well, so I want to apply for membership. What did you use for the 'Professional Identification' section? Because I freelance, I don't have any 'professional certification' :( so I'm not sure how this works...

    Thanks for your time~

  27. thanks ate <3 you!

    anonymous: i know, i was put off with the license thing too when i was applying. the lady at the mac store kept asking me for it but i told her i was a freelancer. i gave my business card and a few letters of employment from my clients (be sure to have it written on company letterhead). the lady at the store also took a photocopy of my drivers license... and sent it to NY to get approved. i think you should be able to get it even without a license considering the fact that a lot of the mua working at MAC are freelancers like us :) good luck!

  28. i love this look! and you're so lucky for getting that bag. it's hot! one thing i really like about your blog is that it's full of pictures! don't be afraid to be a camera whore because i love looking at all of your pictures and the angles of the looks. hehehe

  29. ouuuu stephieee!
    you got a taste of the metal-x collection huh? you're making me jealousss lol, i MUST get to a mac storee!
    & you look bootyful w. the green one (forgot what its called) but yesh. like i said before, you can pull off any look girl!

    & lol @ you dragging your bf into mac loll, you prolly got like 5 eye rolls & sighs during your visit lol..
    & im loving how you took a picture of what you used! thats a great idea..

    anyways hope you had a good weekend! back to reality


  30. omgoshh! i want yourrrr baby phat bagg. it's so cuteee :)

  31. stephie! i love those glitter eyeliners! can u do a look with the one that isnt the green one? (sry i forget the name...too lazy to look back)

  32. The green is FAB girl! I've been dying to get some new colors and 6th Sin is definitely inspiring me. I love cream shadows and I think I'm gonna go pick it 6th Sin along with the purple one. :)

  33. Lovin' the green look, babes. Verrrry nice. Hmmm, I'm not big on glitter/shimmer but I may have to check out Metal X. These reviews are lookin' really nice. Keep up the great work with all you're doin'. I see snowkei has strolled through your blog and I, too feel like bowing down to her! Look at you though...your skills are amaaaaziiiiing. Peace love. Have a great upcoming week.

  34. hey stephie,

    i LOVE green on you! you pull it off beautifully! :D i did want to ask though, how's the studio moisture fix? and how does it compare/differ to fix+? TIA! :D

  35. Hey Stephie! I love your blog! Your creativity is awesome and very inspiring!! I have a question about lip color =\ I'm trying to look for a light color for my lips, it's close to nude, do you know if there's a color like this one: here's a picture of someone with the lip color close to the one I want:

  36. Maybe it's just me, but I find something really *raunchy* about your green emerald look! Maybe it's the hair?? The come-hither eyes?? I dunno, but I like it! Smoking!

  37. Aw wicked! I was worried that it would be way to creamy and I hate that but you changed my mind to otherwise! :)

  38. linda: i'll be sure to keep cam-whoring for you :) hehehe

    leepsz: gosh i know, i loved this long weekend, i can't believe we have to go back to class, i'm already ready for the semester to end.

    dee: yeah i'll do one with.... embronzed i think... i will :)

    divine blackness: i know! i bow down to snowkei too, i was so flattered and happy that she came over to look :) <3 her and <3 you :D

    sooji: studio moisture fix is a moisturizer... i love it! it's just a normal moisturizer, not luminous like strobe cream.

    jenna: wow that picture is gorgeous!!!! anyways, i think brew from the smoke signals collection or myth from the normal collection may be pretty close to it. be sure to neutralize your lips with a lip eraser or some concealer and you should be able to pull of that look if you have pigmented lips. hth! :)

    Sacrilicious: oh... come hither then :D lol jk... i didn't mean to have the come hither eyes *shields eyes* lol but thanks... eek raunchy >.<

  39. Hey Stephie! Awesome haul..I'm picking up the plum electric and 6th sin tomorrow. =) Not too sure bout the glitter eyeliner though. I've tried something similiar and I dont think it looks good on a person with a tanner skin tone (im NC42/40). It looks great on you though! Anyway, have a good week!

  40. hey stephie, i am freaking out and was wondering if you can help me. i recently started lining my waterline, and i think that i'm really sensitive to the eyeliner i'm using cuz today i noticed that my eyes are red and burning, even when i'm not wearing makeup! are there any eyeliners out there that dont irritate the eyes and also dont smear like crazy? i also wear contacts! :(

  41. stephanie: i automatically love you since we share the same name ;) i hope you have a great week too!

    mei: dang that sounds like such a pain! i hope your eye feels better, maybe stay away from eye makeup until it clears up. kohl pencil are usually opthamoligist recommended. from MAC i definitely recommend technakohl liners. they are tried and tested to be safe for the waterline. from all the MAC kohls, technakohls last the longest on me. feel better soon dear!

  42. I love the metal X look on you!

    you are so pretty Stephie!

  43. i love it! looks so pretty. do more!!! I think you look better with dark /glittery shadows

  44. heeeeey stephie! i'm back from my trip from virginia. haven't been on for awhile. but anyway i looooove the metal x eyeshadow on you. it looks beautiful on you!

    so i went to mac in va, bought the humid e/s, & created your green smokey eyes look you did. but instead of using eyepopping, i used juxt. haha. but i liked it. i really want eyepopping so i could do that look!

    so how was your thanksgiving? did you eat turkey?

  45. Hi Stephie...I've been a fan of your fotds since ABB and Specktra and I love your blog. I've left a few anonymous comments but I've decided it's time to stop lurking =)

    I love all of your looks especially this green one. I'd love for you to post pics of all the other metal x looks too. You're so creative and talented! Oh yeah I'm also a fan of snowkei!

  46. Oh my looks AMAZING on you. I never thought about purchasing glitter liners from MAC, but I think I'm missing out! Would you apply the liner directly from the tube or would you use a separate brush with it?

  47. hi stephie.. first im so sad because i wasn't able to see the scary russian guy from sex and the city.. but hey i LURVE your X look.. i think green looks very good on you.. well all colors looks good on you..

  48. I was surprised with how pigmented the Metal X shadows are. Didn't pick any up though since I'm a bit apprehensive about working with creme shadows.

  49. hey stephie,
    I use NC40 studio fix fluid foundation, which shade of studio finish concealer do you think i should go for..NC35 or NC30? they have free standard shipping online so i didnt wanna bother goin to the mac store. -]

  50. aww.. thank you so much for that advice. i'm gonna definitely purchase that eyeliner you mentioned. have you ever considered working at MAC? it's just that you're really good with makeup and you're so nice and helpful. i'm sure you'd be approachable too. i kinda get intimidated by some of the mac workers. well, good luck on finals! i'm sure you'll kick butt!

  51. Hey Stephie! It's Alice/Strawberrymouuse from youtube. I really really love this new emerald look you just posted because I've been getting into green since the summer. It all started when my boyfriend bought me a green Hello Kitty t-shirt and then I just fell in love with green lol. Anyway I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I'll be sure to post comments on here more often! Take care =]

  52. jenna, vintageskyblue, and anon: thanks y'all :) i'm loving the rich color of them and the glitter ;)

    dorksta: there you are woman! i've missed you around girl :P i hope you had a great time on your trip and hopefully we'll see some pics on your blog.. *hint hint* :D i ate turkey, we have it every year... but i think i gained 10 lbs on pie alone :P how about you?

    cindy: hey lady :) i will definitely post the pics of the rest of my metal-x looks, it'll be over a few days though :)

    stacy: omg girl you have to get at least one!!! if anything, just one! :) i use the applicator straight from the tube.... it works fine for me that way :)

    dianatan: omg you almost met alexander petrovski?!?!?!?! hehehe i love SATC... i cannot wait for the movie to come out!

    fei: yeah i was too, but pink ingot doesn't really show up on me at all... sucks!

    sweetxtornado: hmm... i would say go with NC30 simply because i am NC30 in studio fix fluid, but NC35 in studio tech. i bought NC20 in studio finish concealer and though it is noticably lighter than my skin, if you blend it out it covers up discoloration better than a shade lighter. i always make sure to apply a light coating of foundation over it just to blend it in better. also it brightens your eyes to boot. at least that's how it works on me, hopefully it will do the same! so if you need to cover up undereye darkness, go for nc30.... and if you don't really have much darkness there and just want to use it as a spot covering, i think nc35 would be good. hth :)

    mei: i have thought about it, but i plan to develop my skills on other people more. i freelance and do natural or neutral and glowing looks, but i don't work with color as much as i do on myself.... so i want to have more confidence with working with contouring, blending, etc on someone else's eyes when it comes to bold and colorful looks. smokey is not a problem but for instance if i tried the peppermint eyes on someone else... it would take me a few tries :) i'm definitely not up to par as some of the girls at MAC in my opinion, so i just need to work it out more...

    alice: your bf has great taste (HK) :)

  53. ur makeup and ur skin looks great! :D you are sooo lucky you dont break out from using different kinds of foundations. have you tried mineral makeup before?

  54. O and where did you get your lip balm? thanks! :)

  55. great shopping and your hair looks gorgeous!

  56. hey steph, thanks a lot for your suggestion. ill get NC30 since i have BAD dark circles. your're awesomely great! heh heh!

  57. hey stephie!
    so i saw your tutorial on youtube and decided to try it out the green smokey eye at 10pm ....(ya i know im not going anywhere) and wanted to show u my results for u
    i know it isnt the greatest cuz i suck at smokey and usually wear eyeliner and thats about it ...and i didnt have most of the stuff that u used so i had to improvise lol....i also have a question what can u do to keep the eye makeup lasting long even for clubbing...cuz u know you get all sweaty and by the end of the night u look like a total different person....
    ps. i love your tutorial and you're too pretty :)

  58. anon: i haven't used mineral foundation yet. i plan on trying the MAC mineralized satinfinish foundation after i finish up some of my other foundation. i hear (but not sure) that MAC will come out with a mineral foundation, but i dunno :) and i got the smith's from urban outfitters but i think you can find it at sephora.

    yummy411: thank you :)

    sweetxtornado: np, have fun shopping :)

    sohyon: great job girl! i was wondering, do you mind if i post the pics (or ones you like) on my blog just to show like a results things... i will also mark them with your name (sohyon).... let me know please :)

    i recommend urban decay primer potion under your shadows and liners, i've used it going out and it stays all day long :)

  59. oou!! the green looks super sexy on you! all that shimmery in time for the holidays! i've never experince the LAMB lotion before. does the scent last all day?? jw.

  60. Oh my...60 hollas! :)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the glitter eyeliner turned out. Lime dandy looks more Emerald than Lime IMO, and I must say the color looks really flattering on you :)

  61. You should definately try Miss Dior -- Cherie. :) SCENT IS SOOO HEAVENLY!

  62. omg, i love the 6th sin e/s on you. how bad does it crease on your lids? it's pretty disappointing that even udpp can't fix that problem. i so wanting to get the 6th sin e/s but i fear that it's so going to crease on me as i have like..tons of folds on my upper lids and they're deep too. gah...btw, you look so gorgeous! <3

  63. Love this look on you sis! Oh my your getting popular! 60 comments. well I'm 61!

  64. I love the green look you did. Looks suuuuper cute on you. & I'm loving all the new stuff you bought as well. Yeah, I had to wake up at 3AM on Friday. UGH, it was horrible. I almost didn't go out that morning!! But anywaaay hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Take care hun. Much love<33

  65. maickou: i tried the lotion on during the day and even after my shower i could still smell it... smells good :)

    christina: oh i'm going to try that next!

    faux fashionista: i was surprised too! i didn't realize it was that much until i saw the number. i just kept replying lol :)

    reeni: 6th sin hardly creases, only ever so lightly in the inner corner because my eye folds there, but other than that it doesn't. i loves it!

    distinque: lol thanks ate :) i didn't realize it until now that i had that many comments.

    tina: damn girl! i was trying to get up early too but i couldn't hehehe, what were you able to pick up? i had a good thanksgiving. <3 ya! i can't wait to see your blog updated ;)

  66. Best update ever! I love the metal X collection, your fabulous for always updating. Thanks! I would love to see your collection as well but I do agree with you that it could open up to negative cmts. Do it when your comfortable and think you can handle it. We all know you can. ;) BTW im really glad that you are slowly getting more and more readers! Great job.

  67. Love the video tutorial, thanks for spending the time to make it!

  68. Hey ! I love your makeup videos on youtube! I really want MAC makeup but I can't afford it :(

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