Reader Submitted Looks Week #1

Like y'all know, I love getting feedback, whether it be emails, ims, or comments. I want to share the abundance of talent that is out there, all you have to do is TRY! Ever since I started doing makeup and writing for makeup blogs (which hasn't been long as y'all know), I've only had two goals in mind. 1) To learn more about the application of makeup and better myself in that regard. 2) To help others with makeup ideas and tricks. If the only thing anyone gains from reading my blog and looking at my videos is the inspiration to try something new, I think I could go to sleep each night content. I know I had my inspirations to start wearing bolder makeup. People like Pursebuzz, May, and Ricebunny sparked my interest in makeup. Then Snowkei and Mistella inspired me to try bolder makeup looks. It's all about inspiration. The point of this entry is that I want to start a "Reader Submitted Looks" thing. I don't know what else to call it ;) Anyways, if you are inspired by any of the looks I share and decide to try it out, (and you're not too shy to at least show a picture of your eyes, if not the whole face) and decide to send pics to me like the ladies who will be showcased, I would like to share it with everyone. Of course, only if y'all allow me. The three ladies I'm going to show today sent in their looks, and I think they should be acknowledged for their great work. I contacted (or tried to) them to make sure it was fine. I don't remember which, but I didn't get a response back yet... but I just want to make sure I don't leave one of them out when all three were the ones who inspired me to do this. So to my starting ladies, if one of y'all didn't want me to share, let me know and I'll take it off for you! To start off here are some rules just to keep things organized. All of this info will be posted in a box to the right where all the links are so you can refer to it easily. I'll also link to that area all the Reader Submitted looks. 1. Please try to take a full face pic and a close eye picture. If you can't take a close picture of your eye, try to take one close to your face and I'll crop it for you. 2. You can do this, or I can, it doesn't matter to me. Put your name on the picture with the look you recreated. For example, if you recreated the Peppermint Eyes, put "Julie - Peppermint Eyes". Like I said, if you don't, I will just so no one can jack your pics since they most likely will be amazing ;) 3. Please email them to me at 4. Also email me the list of items you used, so others can try to recreate it! And please specify if you want me to post it or if you're just sending it for me to see. 5. I will post them on every Saturday (if I get any LOL). So if I don't post one each Saturday, don't laugh :D Alright if y'all have anymore questions, just let me know, k? ********************************************** Ladies, if y'all can please email or comment me what you used... if you remember :) The first lady to send me her pics was Mandi :) I think another Filipina, but if I'm wrong, do correct me :D Super sweet girl who I talk to on Youtube with quite frequently. She sent me her take on the Asian Barbie Look and McQueen Look. I LOVE her take on the Asian Barbie look. I love the shape of the shadows, and the white liner looks HOT! I can't wait to try this one out :) ********************************************** Sohyon did the Smokey Green Look. I love how subtle you made it, but it still looks smokey and sultry. Your skin is beautiful, and I automatically <3 you :) Chunk up the deuces girl :D Oh and I'm in love with the nail polish you have on. ********************************************** My girl Diana, fellow Filipina! I love how your skin glows, and I LOVE how purple looks on you. She did the Plum Electric look. ********************************************** Thanks so much ladies for sending it in to me. Mwahs! Y'all are


  1. i was just curious if your friend Brenda won the miss vietnamese pageant

  2. Hello! I've been reading your site for awhile and just wanted to stop by and say hi =) I don't normally like to experiment with my makeup but watching your tutorials makes it seem like so much fun. I don't have a lot of free time since I'm a med student right now, but when I do, I love reading your blog!

  3. Hi Stephie!!
    i love reading your blog!!!!
    your youtube videos really help me out!! i've had the MAC smoking eyes palatte for the longest time ever and when i try to do things myself it just all blends together :-( but your tutorial really helps!! i hope you can stop by my blog i just posted my smoking eyes tutorial!! ahh help me out! haha.. i'm all for constructive criticism hahah

  4. hi Stephie!
    Just want to drop by to say hi and want you to know that you're awesome in so many ways! you're funny and talented. You put so much effort in what you're doing to help out others and I'm grateful for that, I think you're adorable and keep up with what you're doing, you're great! love you much, take care babe =)

  5. anon: unfortunately no she didn't... though i disagree. lol... i think she would have, but she is just a really nice and considerate person, one of the many reasons i hold her in high esteem. it was so dumb. her # was 7 but the host messed up and announced the wrong number, but her name and hometown as one of the top 30. the girl who's number was called got all "omg omg omg!" and walked out even though brenda was the one who called.... but since the girl was like having a heartattack and her family was there brenda let the girl go ahead and do the top 30 instead of her. damn if i was in the audience, i swear to you i would have gotten on the stage and been like "oh helllll no" with my fingers snapping a mile a minute hehehe ;) but yeah... she did get voted miss congeniality! <3 her!

    sarah: thanks for stopping by love :) dang, i know med students have almost NO freetime so i'm so flattered you took what time you had to stop by eheheh... good luck to you with your studies!

    megx3: hey girl! i tried viewing your blog but it wouldn't let me look at it, something about not being invited or something? do you have a youtube account? i could always look on that one if you like.

    cat: awww thanks. you're really sweet :)

  6. hi stephie.. its me diana.. i just want to say congratulations for doing a great job inspiring us to do such wonderful fotd/eotd.. you're so sweet and please dont get tired doing tutorials for us..

  7. I LOooVE how you do your makeup!My cousin recently showed me your blog and I love it!

  8. Hey!!
    I check your blog almost everyday to see ur updates. You're so pretty and I love your make-up!

  9. Great idea Stephie! I love what the ladies have done. Isn't it great to be such an inspiration! You go girl! =)

  10. hey stephie-- this is a great idea! the first submitter, mandi, has SKILLS! her looks are fantastic. i've never liked white eyeliner before, but she used it so well. wow. i like that the other two looks are toned down versons of what you've demonstrated in your tutorials-- they're what i would also wear because i don't think i can pull off bold makeup.

  11. I have some questions!

    for the sheer mystery powder I dont know if "lightheated" would be to dark for my skin?.. Im NC30 (studio fix)

    I have to shop online since a MAC store is far.. I only have counters..

    Also.. do you have Curiositease: 5 Warm Pigments and Glitters? if you do would you be able to do a look with them.. they are giving me trouble!

    I had some more but I know your busy so ill just leave you with that : ).

    thank you so much! youre a doll!

    and btw, I love your holiday look! so pretty!

  12. Hey Stephie! Thanks for answering me! I will take your advice and embrace them! haha =) I was wondering, how do you get the Palette Eye Shadow? because I want to get my own palette and put my shadows in them. Its a hassle to have all the eye shadows stack up cause it take sup too much space! Can you get them @ counters or they are for pro mac only? Are they cheaper? I'm all new to this so bear with me! lols THANKS !

    btw- those girls are amazing!

  13. what? they called the wrong number? but thats not fair!! how can the host mess sth like this uP? but i don't understand..she isn't in top 30 because the host misread her number?

  14. Hi Stephie, refering to your last post, I can only know you are successful when people start knocking you down. Keep being an inspiration to all!

  15. diana: hey ate :) at least i think you're older.... but i'm usually wrong *hides in shame* anyways, you and the rest of the ladies have great talent. and the purple looks phenomenal on you :)

    coolkid: i get so much support from y'all i wanted to give back in some way, even though it's not much :P

    mariann: let your cousin know that i say thanks lol :D

    diem: thanks :)

    tee-hoa: lol it feels ok :D thanks again for the banner ;)

    ash: i know right! i loved the white liner idea. if you saw my mod doll tut, i wasn't that in love with my white liner but now i want to take it out :)

    vintagebluesky: i actually am going to go and exchange the lighthearted for the lighter one. i was using it a couple days ago and it came out darker on me, more orange too :( so i'll see how the other one looks and i'll let you know. i skipped on the curiositease stuff...

    helen: you can find the palettes at a freestanding MAC store or MAC Pro store. they are only $12 and i think the refills are only $10.50 compared to $14 for the pots. the counters at macy's or nordstroms dont have it. be sure to tell the sales person at the MAC store that you want the 15 (or 4) pan palette and you want the shadows in refills.

    pika: i know! its so m-fing f-ed up!!!! but you have to know brenda because she is just generally a really nice girl and thinks of others before putting herself first. she was in the top 30 but she saw how excited and freaking out the #8 girl was getting and she knew the #8 girls family and friends were in the audience (unfortunately brenda didnt have her fam there and i couldn't make it) so she just decided to not make a big deal and let her do it. the girls and staff backstage kept pushing brenda to go out there but she wouldn't. it's just another reason i love her, she is so selfless.

    anonymous: i guess it comes with the territory right? yeah but now a days i'm not letting it get to me.

  16. Hey Stephie! I love the new banner!

  17. okay, thank you so much!

  18. I love your new banner!

  19. Hey Stephie. I forgot to add on something to the last comment I left. But yeah, I use Photoshop Elements whenever I add the "xTina" logo to my pictures. By the way, I love the huge banner at the top of your page. So cute!! :D

  20. stephie! could you make a tutorial...something simple but with BIG lashes??

  21. hey stephie - your doing an amazing job with all these tutorials!! question - this is a beautiful piano song what is the name of it?

    oh and a make up related question - do you think you can get out a tutorial on contouring?

  22. this is an awesome idea...i'll try and brainstorm this weekend, especially since you're one of the first ppl that inspired me to get back into makeup :)

    and thank you sooooooooooooo much for posting my link to my blog on your page :)

  23. hi stephie may i ask what type of camera you use??? its has a very nice quality pictures?

    thanks, your the bomb!!!

  24. That's an awesome idea! I can't wait to see what other readers have posted!! You rock :)

  25. the music is called Yiruma - A River Flows in You.

    Hey Stephy, just stopping by and saying hello.. Always fun to read up on your tutorials and other entries.. Keep them coming! =)


  26. Very few people have impressed me with their makeup, and I have to say you're one of my favorites that I love! :)

    I was wondering the second picture on the left on the top of your blog are you going to do a tutorial or if you have done it, can you direct me? I just fell in love with that look! :)

  27. tina: thanks sweetie! i thought you used it... dang i need to get my hands on that program! lol :)

    dee: sure! i did the mod doll look before, but i'll switch out the lashes to some big ones (like the second full face look on my banner). i'll definitely think up of something after finals :)

    anon: like melanie said yiruma - a river flows in you. i recently discovered him from a friend and i LOVE yiruma. his music is so relaxing and beautiful. i'm a big fan of piano music, since i used to play when i was young. i'm trying to get my piano skills back, but i haven't had much time to practice. i'll have to do more during the break :) oh and i can try my hand at contouring. truth be told i haven't really mastered it besides cheeks...

    ren: no prob ate :)

    anonymous: i use a sony cybershot dsc-w70 digital camera :)

    faux fashionista: i can't wait either! i love to see all the talent out there :D

    melanie: thanks for helping me out :)

    alyssa: hey girl! the look i made there was basically the mod doll look :

    except i put on some longer lashes. they were a red cherry lashes.... i don't remember the # but they are really long and spiky looking. i'm not at the house so i can't look right now... oh and the lips are a mixture of mac out to shock lipstick with mac she-boom lip gelee on top :)

  28. Hey girl!

    Tag you’re it! Check out my blog for some blogging fun!

  29. ah god.. didnt know i could buy the pro palettes for that cheap at the Mac pro store!!! lol..
    i brought erm off ebay for £11+ and i popped into the pro store today to find it cheaper!!! Grrr

    love the reader looks.. that smokey green looks quite subtle on sohyon

  30. Thanks Stephie! I went out today to the pro store in new york. that place was hidden! lols I got myself the palette today and will depot my eye shadows the way Koren taught! i love him. You and him are both my inspiration!<3

    btw, I also pick up another heirloom set. the basic brush one. Is it just me, cause i feel like the bristles on the 129 brush seems not soft when i tried it on my face. lols on my hands they are soft tho! =[ did you happen to get this set? in one of ur vid you said you will. just wanted to compare it hehe! have a good weekend ! =]

  31. I am quite shy :-( but will try and copy one of your looks and post it here :-)i will have to do it quick though so i dont change my mind lol. Still loving the site, my google account lately has been going really funny so i ahve no been able to comment, but yay i can again now lol.

  32. Aloha, mi hermana. This is a great idea for reader participation. Congrats on all the inspiration you've birthed. Can't wait to see more talent :) YAY!