I wanted to drop by and fill y'all in on what's been up recently.

First off, I do have the list of items I'll be selling, its all on my computer at home, and I need to post it.... can't say when because life has been crazy busy (I'm sure y'all are tired of me saying that, but its true).

So what have I been doing? Obviously not tutorials, or anything makeup related. For any accounting majors out there, I hope y'all can empathize with me. I'm sure any major is super hard, but since I'm in accounting, I feel like its the hardest (I know its not but you get my drift..).

People have asked me, why do I like accounting? Why not go into the cosmetology industry? The reason I haven't gotten into the cosmetology industry is that although I feel makeup is a fun art, I don't see myself being stable in that industry. I mean, look around and you'll see SOOO many artists, people with more education in the field of cosmetology and with more passion than what I have. I love doing makeup, and I would jump at the chance at working in the fashion industry as a makeup artist, but I don't have enough passion to throw away three years of business education that I've received on something I'm not 100% sure about. I feel like doing makeup is more of a stress reliever for me than my passion. And you can go out and find people with PASSION for makeup artistry, and those people, in my opinion, deserve to work for high-end labels and fashion shows. Me? I'll stick to having fun with it and making tutorials (when I have time)... like I said, its more of a stress reliever.

I like accounting because I'm an organized person. I like to work in teams, and I am business oriented... that's just how I've always been throughout my life. I like to problem solve and be challenged. Most people think accounting is just some book keeping job, sitting at a desk all day, plugging in numbers.... its true, there are accounting jobs like that. I'm interested in auditing. In audit, you work in a team for a client. Many auditors travel a lot, which is something I am really REALLY interested in. I can't really describe it too much, I'm basing all this from secondhand knowledge after speaking with various people who work for the Big 4. But from what I've heard so far, it seems like a field that I can grow professionally and personally.

So again, what have I been doing? Obviously, I've been busy with school. I'm a junior at the moment, but come next fall, I'll be a senior. So technically, I should be getting my Bachelor next spring. But I won't. Why? Because I enrolled in a five year program to get my Bachelor and Masters degree at the same time. It saves a semester of time. So instead of me being 20 (turning 21) with a Bachelors, I'll be 21 (turning 22) with both my Bachelors and Masters... I'm really excited.

Let me tell you, the further you get into your degree, the more time and effort you'll have to put into studying. Its obvious, but I always took it for granted, until now. I'm constantly studying, working, at the gym, or out having a social life (an small one at that). I figure as long as I get through college with a good GPA, I can have a nice social life later, with more money, and more freetime on my weekends that aren't dedicated to studying.

So yes, school has been keeping me busy.

On top of that, most accounting majors (especially at my university) do an internship during spring with a company. I've interviewed with all of the Big 4, and two other firms. So far I have 3 office visits for the DFW area, and one in LA, which I am super excited for. And I'm waiting to hear back from one other firm still *crossing fingers*. Its my #1 choice for my career, and I'm so nervous that I won't get a second interview. But its out of my hands now right? I really can't wait to do an internship next spring. That will really be my deciding point. I'll figure out if I really want to be an accountant or if I just wasted nearly four years of education for nothing... you know? So its been stressful.

Finals are nearing, so many projects and papers are due. And I'm taking an economics elective that I shouldn't have taken... worst class EVER! And hard too! For a damn economics elective! I hate advisors who don't know what they are talking about. There's a new advisor who I have to see, and she seriously doesn't give a rats booty about helping students... seriously.

And of course, my personal life has kept me busy. Man, do I love being single :) That isn't to say if I find the right guy I wouldn't settle down again. But since I haven't (yet), its been so much fun going out with the girls, going on dates and such.

So there's the update. I hope y'all will understand. I really do appreciate all of your support, and I'm so sorry about being gone all the time. I hate promising I'll update just because I honestly don't know when I will.... but I'll figure it out. Have a great weekend and I'll talk to y'all... SOON!