Fresh, Summery FOTDs

EDIT: Please keep everyone in the DFW area in your prayers. Very harsh storms last night leaving some neighborhoods FLOODED and without electricity. Also, tornados touching down last night with apparently MORE storms to come.... oh my dear Texas weather.

Hey y'all! Got a few things to update y'all on!

First off, I caved in and joined Twitter. You can follow me at I decided to create a Twitter account so that I can let y'all know when I update my blog or add a video on YouTube. Since my updates on my blog aren't as frequent as they WILL be (hehe), it will keep us in touch :)

Bad news.... my camera died on me :( I'm so sad. I hardly even got to use my pink Sony for any makeup related things. So the pics I am about to post were VERY hard to take LOL. I don't know what's wrong with the camera, basically when I try to review the pics it will just shut off on me. And it will shut off on me after a minute or so (i.e. there goes making a video). Blah. Therefore, I am in the market for a new camera. Any ideas?

Since my camera is dead, I am taking pics of my makeup sale with the Babe's (i.e. Mike's) camera. I'll try to make a video with his camera... not sure how to work it yet, so I'll be testing it over the weekend.


Here's a couple FOTDs I've accumulated the past few weeks. I haven't really been wearing much makeup besides my norm, which is why I only have 2 FOTDs. I started working at a golf course over the summer so I'm outside all day = lack of makeup.


MAC Loose Mineral Foundation - Medium Dark
MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NC 35
MAC Sunbasque Blush

MAC Dazzleray Pigment - for a sheer wash of color over the lid
MAC Rapid Black Penultimate Eye Liner - Upper lash line
MAC Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline
MAC Porcelaine/ Browning Brow Shader
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara

MAC Overrich Lipstick

I've REALLY been loving Forever 21 these days. I love the styles they are bringing to their clothes as well as the price. I've been a real bargain shopper with the economic climate and all, and this outfit probably cost me $25. I got the sandals from Express semi-cheap. I think they were 40% off from $40. Oh how I love finding deals....


MAC Loose Mineral Foundation - Medium Dark
MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NC35
MAC Accentuate/ Sculpt - contour cheeks
MAC Prism Blush

MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot
MAC Porcelaine/ Browning Brow Shader - brows and highlight
MAC Cosmic e/s - crease
MAC Rich Flesh e/s - lid
MAC Showstopper e/s - smudged over liner
MAC Engraved Powerpoint Pencil - upper lashline & waterlines
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Distinguish Mascara

MAC 3N Lipstick

Lipstick wore off by then...

Juicy wanted to make an appearance :)

I'll talk to y'all soon :)



  1. oooh i LOVE it and the outfit.. HAWT!

  2. ps im SUPER jealous you have 3N lipstick, i want that so badly!

  3. Yargh! Now I have to go pull out my 3N lipstick since you make it look so good - it makes ME look dead!

  4. missed ur posts girl! def will follow you on twitter =)

  5. OO very nice i am going shopping today def going to enter F21 i LOOOOVE that place!!! wow you really are THE makeup GURU! =]

  6. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a tube of Rapid Lash. When I tell you lucky I mean it! My lashes were virtually non existant and this is no exaggeration. Sparse, short and thin lashes were what I'd been dealt. ...
    Exclusive video-here:of Rapid Lash-video

  7. You are soooo gorgeous and your dog is adorable!!

  8. you look so much like my sister-in-law with that pic of you and your bf on the top page of your blog.

  9. Hey Stephie!
    I love these looks on you. Subtle, yet they are beautiful!
    I know you love leopard print, so here's a tut that was put up recently.