Fairy Eyes Tutorial (Re-Done)

Hello y'all!

As some of my older readers and subscribers have seen, I had a Fairy Eyes video up from a year or so back. But since then, YouTube has really cracked down on copyright infringement which includes the usage of music that a person may not have rights to using. So my older Fairy Eyes tutorial had music in it and YouTube cut my audio off. I decided to delete it as well as other popular videos like my Mod Doll Tutorial.

Fairy Eyes and Mod Doll were two of my fave tutorials and I was sad I couldn't keep it up. I decided to re-do it. My next re-done tutorial will be Mod Doll, so keep any eye out for that. So heerrrrreeee we go :)

This is the look I am re-creating:

And my re-done version:

Here is what I used:

*Product used is by MAC unless otherwise stated*

FACE (applied prior to filming)
Mineralized Satinfinish Foundation - NC42
Invisible Set Powder

Emote Blush - contour (109)
Dollymix Blush - apples (136)
Belightful Iridescent Powder - highlight (136)

Rubenesque Paint Pot - base
Next to Nothing e/s - highlight
Rondelle e/s - inner 1/3rd of upper lid (213) & inner half of lower lashline (219)
Mancatcher e/s - middle of lid (239)
Beautiful Iris e/s - over Mancatcher (239)
Earthly Riches Mineralized e/s (purple half) - outer 1/3rd (239) & outer lower lashline (219)
Earthly Riches Mineralized e/s (gray half) - crease (217)
Blacktrack Fluidline - upper lashline & waterline (209)
Shiseido Mascara Base & Distinguish Mascara
#21 Falsies

Pink Edgle Lipglass Pencil
St Germaine l/s
Viva Glam VI Special Edition l/g

And of course, an obligatory picture with Juicy :)

I will post some pics from my birthday in my next post. I gotta look for textbooks online right now. I can't believe school is starting in a week for me.... where did my summer go?!!??!

I hope y'all had a great weekend :)



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  2. Oh no that sucks u had to do it over! I love ur skin! It's flawless and tan! I need to tan before college starts again in 1 week! ur tutorial and am glad ur posting videos again. Add me on Twitter woman! Lol

  3. hey stephie! u have the prettiest eyelids. lol..i know that sounds weird but you have that crease that just about every asian girl wants. haha

  4. Omgosh i was looking for this video of yours awhile back cause i wanted to try it.. Im glad you re-did it b/c this look was one of my faves! You look so gorgeous as always! and i totally know what you mean about summer! xoxo

  5. look so lovely. you kinda have a doll face :)

    your hair also looks nice lighter.

  6. youtube did that to me too, might redo those vids as well.

    anyway, you look so gorg. with dark hair. me likey. <3

    so glad you're back with vidsssss, wooooooo!

  7. you look much better with dark hair :)

  8. Pretty look and your DSK necklace looks divine :)

  9. juicy! so cute :D

    love the lookkkk~

  10. Love this look before and still love this now... It really pops out with the black hair.

  11. OMG I absolutely adore this look. I may have to give this one a try!

  12. I think you put too much eye shadow on your lower lid. But it's only my opinion. You're make-ups are great anyway :)

  13. verina oei: hehe thanks :)

    spankedelic: i added you :) i actually haven't gone tanning in a while, i need to get it going for school lol

    love, sweetcheeks: aw thanks girlie

    xoshellie: thanks! i am prolly gonna redo a bunch of my old tutorials... all of them have copyright issues since i used music all the time hehe

    L: yes woman, redo them!!!! haha

    izumi: haha yeah she's my baby so she has to be on my blog hehe

    aphrodites delicacy: thanks! i think it pops more with my dark hair too :)

    adriana: its all good :) thanks for the cc hun, i always appreciate it!

  14. hi stephie =)

    do you remember what collection was "Earthly Riches Mineralized" came from?

  15. heiiii Stephie :D
    I just love your hair color (the light one).... could you tell me, which hair color did you use in that photo?? It really looks nice...

    Oh, BTW, love your make-ups ;)

  16. hehe, your dog is cute, what is he?