My 21st Birthday!

Howdy y'all!

How is everyone's week going? Mine has been good. Finishing my last week of being full-time at work. School starts on Monday so I will be working part-time and studying full-time (18 hours, yikes!). I actually am really excited for school to start. This is my LAST YEAR until I decide to do my MBA, soooo yeah, I'm excited to get 'er done!!

I should have posted my birthday pics a while ago, but I just never got around to it. Blahhh. So I'll post them today.


But first, have y'all checked out the new MAC collection, Makeup Art Cosmetics? For my long time readers, they are releasing Cocomotion Pigment again, which I used in my One Eyeshadow Tutorial a couple years ago. I am going to redo that tutorial since it has copyright issues too (sad face).

I wasn't overly impressed by anything in the collection. Honestly, I was even thinking about not buying anything at all until I went online today and looked at the face charts for the collection. The only one that stood out to me and has SOLD me on buying the quad is the Fresh Approach face chart. I love the deep green in the quad... SHMEXY! Also, the pink matte blush looks nice so that may come home with me. And maybeeee the gold glitter. Maybe.

I'm lecturing myself to not get too much since I just got a few things from MAC a couple days ago online. I still need to make a video over it, which I will post on YouTube in the next few days.


So as y'all know it was my 21st birthday a few weeks ago. I had a great time. Probably the best birthday thus far. Not just because I turned 21 (which is a gift in itself hehe) but the experience was the best. I got to spend time with my friends who I love and cherish AND I have my best friend/boyfriend in my life. I am lucky to have friends who I value and who enhance my life just as I hope I enhance theirs. And Mike is my other half so my birthday was the!

Just as a note, if you decide to drink always ALWAYS have a designated driver. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!!! OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND GIVE YOU A WELL-DESERVED SPANKING!!!! *Sorry for the little rant, but the big sister in me had to pop out hehe*

On my actual birthday, which was on a Monday at 12am, Mike and I went out to meet my good friend Ashley at a bar. We had a blast playing pool and drinking.

Then the following weekend we went out to a club in Dallas. Here are some pictures from my birthday week celebration:

Mike and I bought a new car together. Its a 2009 Suzuki Grand Vitara. Leather seats + sunroof... I likie

More pictures after the jump...

My first legal shot. Patron baby!

I have a thing for limes... LOL I know I look ridonkulous.
For that night, all I wore was foundation, liner, falsies & blush. Simple simple.

My friends kept feeding me shots... and I kept wanting them. Hey, you only turn 21 once.... a lifetime ;)

Birthday cake shots with my babe and our roommate, Adam.

My co-workers got me a cake at work :) This was my big ol' piece... yummm.

Mike & Stephie photoshoot at a bar in Dallas. We were out to watch his friend perform.

That's his rapper friend Vincent on the shirt LOL

The smokey eyes I did for my birthday party. I forgot exactly what I used, but I'll recreate it in a tutorial.

Smokey eyes + pink lips = my new fave combo!

I'm wearing MAC A Rose Romance lipstick. My current fave.

My fave sushi rolls. Spicy tuna with cream cheese & a cajun roll. My birthday dinner. My stomach wasn't back to normal after my crazy birthday drinking earlier in the week, so I didn't drink much during my party. Which is fine too, so I got to eat sushi since I didn't need anything else more sustainable.

My girls and I out at Liars Den in Uptown Dallas.

Babe and me. I love the Dallas skyline.... lovely.

A couple of my favorite girls. My dress & belt are from Forever 21.

Babe and me again :) He loves my badonkadonk almost as much as I do... ALMOST. (I take great pride in my badonk... lunges to the max baby!)

My girl Amanda and me. And Shauna, our roommate, in the background LOL

Dancing the night away with my babe.... I always laugh at this picture. CREEPER in the back!

What an amazing night :)

My next post will be a haul video from my recent MAC Pro purchase. And prolly an FOTD from today using a few of the products :) Talk to y'all soon!



  1. look at you gorge!..i love your birthday fotd!..can't wait for the tutorial!

  2. LOOKING GOOD (AS ALWAYS) STEFFIE! congrats on the new car =]

  3. happy birthday, steph. been a follower for more than a year now (yt then here). always love your looks! :) i'm stopping i sound stalkish already. :)

    enjoy your truly legal status! :)

  4. that last pic is facebook profile-worthy!


    now go on to the corner store and get your ass a 40 and sit on a stoop and apply your gloss babe!!! yayyyyyyyy!!!! you look gorgeous...hahahahah your white man is stuck on your like a piece of dried grain of rice...hahhahahah!!! just wanted to say you have that glow but i think you just got that asian glow...may your legal escapdes get you into more trouble!!! cheers baby girl

  6. Aww steph you're gorgeous! I drive a suzuki sx! It's cute that you guys have a car together:] I love your makeup too!

  7. Glad you had a fun 21st! You look gorgeous. And I love your makeup. :)

  8. You are very pretty!!! Love the look! Happy birthday!!!

  9. Your makeup is flawless! I wish my skin was like yours =) Glad you had a great 21st! and I can't wait for your tutorials! xoxo

  10. Awesome b-day pics :) Looks like you had a blast! Happy 21st! And congrats on your new ride.

  11. You look hot as always! Super cute makeup.

    I don't want to be debbie downer but what happens "if" you should break up. You can't break the car in half and you guys are pretty young to be so serious. But then again we wish you the best and never-ending happiness.

  12. awww you look amazing, i'm so happy for you girl!

  13. thank y'all! i definitely am enjoying being 21... the newness of it hasn't worn out just yet lol. i still feel a little nervous showing my id although i am of age. i guess years of thinking i'll be caught hasn't gone away just yet haha

    shen: well thank you for supporting me all this time :)

    atia: haha already beat ya to it LOL ;) thanks girlie!

    xppinkx: pwahhaha you crack me up woman! i laughed so hard at the dried grain of rice that i couldn't read it to my bf until 5 minutes later.

    fafibaby12: omg i almost bought that car instead! until we saw the suv. thanks chica :)

    anonymous: no worries. i've also contemplated the matter of things being as serious as they are 9 months into our relationship. but even though i'm young, i am a believer in things happen for a reason. the way things came about for mike and me was completely different from any other guy or relationship i've had with any person. and the way i feel about him is a feeling i've never experienced before and have always dreamed of finding ever since i was a little girl, the feeling of being complete and whole and to love someone so much you'd do anything for them and know they'd do the same. and i know how i used to be and how i felt about guys/ relationships/ commitment and before him i did not have a good idea of either of those things. but i honestly believe he is my soulmate. and though things aren't always easy-breezy covergirl with us, we work at our problems, talk things through, yell and cry until we work things out. and i think that makes a relationship stronger and worth while. i just know that the way i feel about him and how he feels about me is a once in a lifetime kind of thing, so why not go for broke? and if things for some reason don't end up lasting forever *knock on wood*, then at least i know i put my all into it and it just wasn't meant to be.

    but that isn't the case so i'm not worried. all i can do is have an open heart and mind and trust that he will keep them both safe, which he has.

    sorry to go on this whole roll, i took no offense to the inquiry :) i honestly could talk about mike, how we met, our dreams, how i feel about him, etc etc, but that's just a little too personal.. at least for now :)

  14. Hey I love your blog, it totally started my MAC addiction. I was wondering what your workout routine was like b/c I wish I could get some more junk in the trunk haha!

  15. Happy birthday, even if i'm late! that guy is creepy in that pic! LOL! Looks like you had a great time!

  16. hey stephie, happy birthday:) i'm excited to turn 21 tooo but that's like in a million years:) haha anyway, i love that grey smokey and pink lips combo:)
    stunning much girly!

  17. You and your bf are soo cute together! and congrats on the new car!

  18. happy belated, you two look so cute and happy! the silver smokey eye is AMAZING by the way!!! please do a tutorial on it when you have time =)

  19. happy belated birthday! Love the smokey eye look on you..A rose lipstick does look good. I think I'm going to get me one. Hope to see this tutorial soon.