Smokey Teal Tutorial + Update with Pics!!!

Howdy y'all!

Long time no blog! I really do apologize. The past few weeks have been stressful. I have had to buckle down and really focus on school. At least it's my last year... thank heaven!!!

I recorded a video like 3 weeks ago and finally got around to uploading it today. Its a smokey teal makeup tutorial... similar to one of my first videos, which you can find here.

Here's the video:

*All MAC unless otherwise stated*

Global Glow MSF - contour (168)

Metalblu Metal-X Cream Shadow - base for lid
Ricepaper e/s - highlight (227)
Wedge e/s - between browbone and crease (217)
Steamy e/s - lid (239)
Deep Truth e/s - outer v & crease (222) and lower lashline (219)
Dreammaker e/s - inner tear duct (219)
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner - upper lashes
Graphblack Technakohl Liner
Ardell #105
Shiseido Mascara Base
Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara

Peachstock l/s
Energy 3D Glass


So exams have pretty much been taking up my time. However, Mike and I have been able to go out a few times and enjoy ourselves. I have some random pictures to share with y'all.

Batting Cages

One of my stress-relievers is working out or playing sports. Pretty much getting my body physically active. It really works wonders on my frame of mind. Mike and I went out for a night at the batting cages. Its a lot of fun, especially with someone who I enjoy spending time with.

As you can tell, I'm a REAL hardcore player...

The one thing I dislike about some batting cages, the fact that the balls get too close. Hella no way I wanna get hit by one.

Like my pink batting gloves? Of course.... why not :)

He looks so determined! Nice action shot!

Sweaty and happy :)

House Party

Mike and I reenacting the first time we met :)

The ruffle skirt is from Forever 21. It is the one I showed y'all in my Haul video.

Dallas Cowboys Preseason Game & Downtown Fort Worth

The makeup I wore for my fun night out was inspired by ahanhbarbie34's Big Round Eyes tutorial.

Our view of the game. Mike got really awesome passes. We pretty much were able to go wherever we wanted throughout the new stadium.... pretty sweet :)

The infamous big screen at Jerry's World. Ridonkulous. Even from our fantastic view, I couldn't help but stare at the screen. It just grabs your attention!

Enjoying my yummy (and ridiculously overpriced) Cowboyrita.

My outfit for the night. At the Cowboys game, I work gladiator sandals then changed into heels for the night out. My top is a bodysuit for American Apparel and the skirt is from Forever 21.

We then made it out to 8.0s, a bar in downtown Fort Worth. This was my first time out in FW. I'm a Dallas girl, but I do love the old-time feel of Fort Worth. The atmosphere is a lot chiller than Dallas. Definitely was feeling it :)

This is an awesome 80s coverband called the Spazmatics. They are amazing in their performance and very entertaining! LOVE their outfits too hehe

Me and my girls at a jazz bar. Sipping on some reisling... yummers!

Babe and me at the jazz bar. See, I'm wearing heels in this picture so I'm not as short as the others LOL

Amanda and I kidding around.

Fun night with my girls! (+ my love hehe)

My bra was green with zebra straps. The back of the bodysuit is really low, so either way, people were gonna see my bra. Might as well be funky ;)

Outside the jazz bar we went to, it was a lot of fun! And I know my swingpack didn't go with my outfit... hey I had to be comfortable at the Cowboys game, so I chose comfort over style in that instance :)

In other news, Mike and I are planning on renting our own townhome by the end of the year. We live with roommates right now, so we want to have our own space. That is partly the reason I haven't been making as many videos as I would like. We are cramped and it's hard for me to find the right spot in our room to do the video, blah blah. So Mike and I need to move out so I can make videos!!!! LOL

Well, I will get back to y'all soon. I am gonna try to record a new video soon. Until then....



  1. You both look so adorable together!! and love the FOTD!! :) You are so pretty!! :D

  2. You look lovely as always! I like your interpretation of the Big Round Eyes - and the hair looks so classy. (How do you do THAT? Seriously, I never know what to do with my hair.)

    But you know what I enjoy most about your pictures?

    ... cleavage!

    *leering lecherously*

  3. Love the blue eye look! So pretty! It inspired me to get similar mac colors and try it! Really cute pics!

  4. I love these updates! It's so fun to see and share your journey in life. I wish you the best and good luck finding a place together.
    p.s. I love, love the big round eye makeup look!

  5. love itttt :) you have such awesome outfits! and always manage to look perfectly picturesque.

  6. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  7. Oh yeah, I love playing sports too! It's fun!! Good stress reliever. (:

  8. Oh, I love your version of big round eyes! Do you mid making a quick tutorial, or just post the items you used? Thanks!

  9. Looks like loads of fun! i love the Big Round Eyes look tis gorgeous.
    that dress from F21 is beautiful i am goign shoping real soon so ill have to check out whats new at F21 i havent been there in forev. i love that there clothing has a hint of Victorian Femme. Toodles!

  10. thanks y'all!

    i will do a tutorial for the look i have in these photos :)

    rfc: of course you would ;) but i am enjoying their plumpiness... they've been a great accessory recently :)

  11. I love the look!! Ive always liked teals :)

    you look like a living doll. so pretty!

  12. hey stephie omg ive been lokking for ur blog everwhere and now i found it anyway i watch ur videos on u tube and also im lrish and i was lookin at ur fotos and i saw ur boyfriend and i think he is lrish and so am i so keep postin the videos and i love you x

    ann from dublin xxxxx

  13. that's cool you got passes for the game! I got to see the stadium when they had a free tour for arlington people. It was so awesome! That screen is crazy huge! Yeah, FW is def more chill than Dallas, ha!

  14. hey girl
    love the teal look you did
    it makes your eyes even more prettier
    really talented

    and btw, im a new follower and love your blog. hopefully you can check out mine too.

  15. Gorgeous as always! Teal is definitely my favorite color on you =)

  16. Hi! You are gorgeous, I love your makeup tutorials :)

    I wanted to ask a quick question, I see that you used technakol eyeliner, is it any good? does it smudge easily?

    I'm badly in need of a good eyeliner. Mine always migrates to the corner of my eye! I would use liquidlast since everyone says it doesn't budge, but Im rubbish at applying liquid :(