Happy Thanksgiving!

My co-worker forwarded this email to me. In the past week or two, I've received mean comments, not on my blog, but on YouTube. And I was just SO disappointed that there are people in the world who have nothing better to do than try to bring someone down. Those are people who I really pity and wish I could help. I wish the world was a place where we would all want to help one another and build each person up instead of down. I want to be a friendly face and someone that people can come to with problems or if they need someone to just listen.


" This is undoubtedly one of the cutest I have seen. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

In a zoo in California , a mother tiger gave birth to a rare set of triplet tiger cubs.. Unfortunately, due to complications in the pregnancy, the cubs were born prematurely and due to their tiny size, they died shortly after birth..

The mother tiger after recovering from the delivery, suddenly started to decline in health, although physically she was fine. The veterinarians felt that the loss of her litter had caused the tigress to fall into a depression. The doctors decided that if the tigress could surrogate another mother's cub's, perhaps she would improve.

After checking with many other zoos across the country, the depressing news was that there were no tiger cubs of the right age to introduce to the mourning mother. The veterinarians decided to try something that had never been tried in a zoo environment. Sometimes a mother of one species, will take on the care of a different species. The only 'orphans' that could be found quickly, were a litter of weanling pigs. The zoo keepers and vets wrapped the piglets in tiger skin and placed the babies around the mother tiger.

Would they become cubs or pork chops??

Take a look....

Now, please tell me one more time .........? Why can't the rest of the world get along?? "

So this Thanksgiving, I am giving thanks to the people who I love and care about. People in my immediate vicinity, people who are far away from me, and people (yes YOU) who I've "met" through my adventure of blogging, YouTubing and (where it all started) ABBing... even though I don't really go onto ABB anymore. But I have met some really nice people through the internet who I would SOOOOO give a big hug to and maybe a little pat on the booty, depending on the person hehe. Anyways, I wish a happy Thanksgiving to my lovely cyber family. Eat a lot! And don't care about getting a bit over stuffed, you know I like y'all voluptuous!



  1. aww! i remember that e-mail, so cute to see the piglets growing up and the tiger mommy still taking care of them :)

    i think there are always going to just be angry, miserable people out there who just want to make everyone equally as unhappy as they are. screw them! there are so many more people that love and adore you xD

    have a great thanksgiving!

  2. Omg, that was the most adorable thing I've seen all week. Thank you for that. It wasn't only sweet, but it was insightful as well!

    It's funny, I've been dealing with a bit of this hateration lately as well and it really is stupid. Those people just don't have any empathy so I guess you can just look at it as that they will always be the ones to be jealous of others and hate themselves. Some people hate seeing people who are happy and confident! But don't let that get you down because no matter what, you can only change how YOU act, not THEM. They can be sad and lousy for life, it's their own fault. We can choose to be happy instead. ;)

  3. girl there are always people who like to put others down, its liek something that makes them feel good. just dont let it get to you, for that one mean comment you get 10 amazing ones, so let those be washed away. your a great blogger, just enjoy your holidays and i love the pictures of the piggies warms my heart, it is too bad people cant be like that. happy holidays muah!

  4. this is totally adorable, it's sad though, that we're all people and we don't get along..and we're the same species!

  5. Stephie I am going through the same thing! There is this mean girl on YouTube publicly hating on me and she has a YouTube channel..seriously that is mean! Her name is WeMAkeuUp. Some people are just hurtful and mean because they have ugly hearts. They are disgusting and ugly on the inside, unlike us. :)By the way! Big hugs to you! You are such a great friend and I consider you a real friend of mine and I'm glad we met through YouTube. BIG HUGS!

  6. i loved the pictures! i'm glad the sad mother became healthy again! and the piglets are soooo freaking adorable.

    i've noticed that a lot of well known bloggers are getting hate comments! I'm glad you're not letting it get to you. You're an amazing makeup artist/blogger/person! Keep up the great work<3

  7. i received this email sometime back.
    That's very cute! Thanks for sharing.


  8. I totally agree with you, we should always try out best to get along and simply respect each other. But just to let you know, I saw those pics before and the story is fake unfortunately,
    Keep up the good work on your blog, u and ur bf are gorgeous together:)

  9. Hi, I've been a subscriber of yours on youtube and your blog for over a year now. I don't think I've ever commented. But I wanted to say, I agree with you 100% I think alot of the rudeness comes from children "playing" on the computer. The rest are just either idiots of jealous idiots. I'm sorry you have to go through all that. Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving with the ones you love and whom love you.

  10. That email is so cute. Don't worry about those jealous haters. You're absolutely beautiful. I love seeing your smiley FOTDs and tutorials.

  11. Oh Stephie!! I love reading your blog and watching your vids!! And that tiger and those cubs are sooooooooo adorable!! Yep, if different species can get along, why can't humans?

    The kind of horrid YT experiences you (and many others!) have had are the primary reason I refuse to do vids on YT. Period.

    I hope you had a wonderful Turkey Day, and thanks again for those adorable pics!!

  12. There is too much cuteness going on here! LOL!


    Kate Gene