Life Update!

Hey y'all!

So long time no update... I've been so busy. But if y'all notice on YouTube and Twitter, I've been able to upload a couple of videos. I'm going to make a separate post for some recent FOTDs and my videos, but I wanted to just share with y'all what I've been up to.

This is my last year in college (thank the lord!) and for those of you out there who know anything about the accounting profession, in order to obtain your CPA certification (Certified Public Accountant), you need 150 college hours. I've decided to get my Bachelors Degree in Accounting which only requires me to have 128 hours. Therefore, I am overloading myself with extra classes to get to 150 even though it is not necessary for my degree. Currently I am taking 15 hours and working at least 20 hours per week. Its very hectic and tiring but I know it will pay off in the long run. Over winterbreak I am going to take Business Statistics. That class kicks my booty so I'm hoping the professor will be easier on us since its a shorter period. Then my last semester (Spring) I will be taking 18 hours. And of course working part-time.

Needless to say, I'm a busy bee. But I still am taking time to dabble with makeup. Its a stress reliever... among other things ;)

However, school and work haven't been my only activities. I have made time to go out with Mike and my friends. I am going to get the townhome nice and set up, then I will do a tour for y'all.

Now prepare yourself for a BOMBARDMENT of pictures!

Juicy was getting all kinds of confused with my consolidation homework LOL

Being silly at Fridays. Watching them COWBOYS!!!

My outfit one day for work. Navy dress from American Apparel, cardigan and belt from F21 and shoes are Colin Stuart. I <3 br="" oxfords="">

My baby Juicy :)

Mike and me playing at a softball tournament... beer in hand with my pink batting gloves... of course ;)

Out at a bar in Dallas.

Mike and me on our moving day. I look a fright but we were so excited to take our next big step.

Halloween! I was a gogo dancer... Mike was a glowstick man hehe...

Man I love corsets... they make me look so perky and big! If only I had the endurance to wear them daily lol

Mike and I have decided to cook more often now that we have our own place. I must admit though, I am not an experienced cook at ALL. I probably have cooked more in the new townhome than I have in years. In any case, lovely Pink introduced me to FoodGawker and I have found some great recipes.

I cooked chicken alfredo from scratch the first weekend we were moved in. The picture isn't the greatest but it was yummy.

I also made some salad with homemade vinaigrette. It's my mommy's recipe :)

Juicy is all nice and comfy on our new couch :)

A night out at a local bar. Thursday nights they have $2 you call its. $2 for Riesling... the BOMB! LOL I don't go out on weeknights very often anymore so I felt a little on the wild side... I know sad. Hey I had to work in the morning!!! Hehe...

As y'all know, I like big butts and I cannot lie... and big breasts. I think being voluptuous and having curves = bangin!!! So I don't fret over being super skinny. And I exercise to stay toned. I will be doing a workout video sometime, but as always... LUNGES LUNGES LUNGES! My dress is from American Apparel, belt from F21, shoes from a Korean shoe store here in the DFDub and clutch from Express a long time ago (on sale too!).

Mike and I on our way out to Uptown Dallas. We didn't have a picture in front of our new home yet and his head was blocking the number so he moved it all funny for the pic hehe

My hairstyle is inspired by ethovang09's side hairstyle. Seriously, this girl is SUCH an inspiration and she's so talented. Loves her!!

My dress is fron Forever21. I've worn it a few times before... it is my fave dress so far!

For my makeup, I kept it pretty simple. Liner with dramatic lashes and nude lipcolor (MAC Honey Moon lipstick from the Moonbathe Collection).

Taking in the lovely sights of Dallas.

I just love this picture of Juicy, her little facial expression is too cute!

My next post will be with all my makeup looks.... until then... stay beautiful, inside and out!

<3 br="" stephie="">


  1. I really like that gray and white dress from Forever. I need to go find it now. lol.

  2. Do u wear normal clothes too? Or do u likeit, if ur father and grandfather see u like this?U have a nice body ok, we saw it, like everybody saw it, but I think if u would have respect of urself u would not walk around like this


  4. Life happens so fast. I'm so glad you're taking the time to enjoy it. You look so happy/beautiful in all these pics. I adore you!

  5. thanks y'all :)

    anonymous: if you paid any attention, most of these pictures are of going out at night. dressing up more than normal. i do wear normal clothes but forgive me for not posting those or even taking pictures every single day of every single outfit. and i have plenty of respect for myself. and enough balls to not be anonymous on any site even if i am critical. thank you :) i don't go out to bars or clubs with my father or grandfather but they have seen me wear dresses before *gasp* lol

  6. I see plenty of "normal" clothes in these pics. I love all the dresses you're wearing though especially the Navy one. And that first picture makes me LAUGH I love Juicys expressions, she's so cute!

  7. you have the best taste in dresses and that is a wicked cute name for your dog Juicy heheheheh =D
    glad everything is going well for you!

  8. OMG I love your body, stephie! Totally hot! If you don't mind me asking-what size dress did you buy at AA? I like the way it fits on you and I think we're similarly sized-it would help me out since I have to order online. Thanks love! <3

  9. yes u do have big butt !yeay !lol
    ur dog is too cute !

  10. WOW this ANONYMOUS is such a loser !lol
    maybe she is just jealous !hehe

  11. Oh man I hate lunges! Lol it's weird cuz my booty started getting bigger a few months ago, and now it's gone :( I know lunges and squats among other exercises usually do the trick, but I hate the stress it puts on my joints. That made me sound old, haha.

  12. Omg, ignore the haters, they're just jealous. There's nothing wrong with being proud of your femininity, and one's body is part of that. And these pictures you posted have motivated me to get my butt in shape...starting with lunges! Lol!

  13. I love your work look! I need a style overhaul. Oh, and Juicy is funny (in a good way).

  14. Hi Stephie! Thank you so much for wishing me a fast recovery. I am all medicated! :) Soo sleepy though. I love your post! Gosh you are one sexy gal! I love all your outfits and pictures. :) Thank you again for your prayers. I love love love you! You are such a great friend!
    Your friend,

  15. Great post! I love all your updates ^_~

    I'd honestly have the same look on my face as Juicy if I was near anything accounting books! I know you're a real smart cookie for studying accounting!!!

    I took 2 semesters of accounting because it was required for the business college at MSU, boy oh boy, was that the time of my life..not! ACC is definitely challenging and I give you tons of props!!! <3 ya Stephie!

    p.s. I sent a small package your way as a thank you ^_^

  16. uhhhhh hater! i think your dresses are gorgeous on your body :) if you work hard to keep it in shape, no one should say anything about showing it off!

    i have thicker legs than most of my friends but i have a booty that i'm proud of to compensate! thanks for standing up for curves ;) too bad my body isn't like yours hahaha

    you and mike look sooo great together! congrats on your new move :)


  17. hey stephie. you always have the cutest dresses! Love your ensemble's :-)

  18. Congrats on your last year of college and your new house! Looks like you and your bf have a lot of fun on the weekends! And don't worry, your outfits are not inappropriate. I love the Dallas Cowboys too, especially the cheerleaders :) I love watching the DCC making the team series on CMT. I would so try out if I could dance;)

  19. *WOLF WHISTLES* that black dress looks soo hot on you hehe!

    TC hun

  20. thanks y'all :)

    mylinh: i know how you feel! it definitely does a lot of stress to the body, but its worth it for me. i get the aches in my joints too sometimes when i over-exert myself, so we both sound old! lol

    gemma: i bought my dress is a medium. the other dresses and bodysuits i have from american apparel are smalls but since this specific dress is very form fitting, the medium has a good enough stretch where its form fitting, but doesn't show off my thong line or love handles LOL here's the url to the dress

    steph: aw thanks, i appreciate it :) accounting is definitely a subject that someone REALLY has to have some kind of affection towards. lol but i guess my mind is just into numbers.

    lindsey: lol me too! but i can't make my hair flip like they can, i nearly snap my neck trying!

  21. cuute white/gray dress and corset!! you are so photogenic! i think i need a corset how the pink transcends to a red on the corset.