Hey y'all!

I realized I never posted my questions video on here! Aghh! Well I closed any question taking on YT, but if y'all have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will be sure to answer it. I will probably film my FAQ in the next 2 days so please get your questions in! Otherwise, I will just answer them individually :)

I've accumulated quite a few FOTDs over the past couple months that I just forgot to post up. I don't remember off the top of my head what I used for them but if there is one you really like, I will do my best to figure out what I used :) Just lemme know!

*Please excuse my brows in a few of these FOTDs.... I got lazy sometimes or was just too busy and didn't care... pooo. The woes of being a college student.*

Vampirey FOTD

Pink Eye (The Good Kind)

Subtle Green

Miss Scandalous - GoGo Dancer FOTD (For Halloween)

These were taken at the end of the night, but the pink glitter on my bottom lashes stayed the whole night! Woot!

Pandamonium Quad FOTD

I quickly put on my makeup at work... I know *tsk tsk* but it did turn out okay.

Cystic Purple

Weird name, I know. But you can totally see the gross, cyst-like pimple I had on my nose. I got it from using a product that a company sent me to review. Needless to say, I will not be recommending it. I will tell y'all more about the product in my skincare routine. Not to recommend it, but just to share my experience (bad).

Nice & Natural

A Haunting Haux FOTD

I know I used:
MAC Hauting e/s - all over lid
MAC Haux e/s - crease

A Rose Romance FOTD

Wearing my fave lipstick! For a church holiday party.

Nails & Outfit

The nail polish I wore in my Ice Blue makeup tutorial is from Sally's. Its called "Be A Pal-ette" by Finger Paints.

I've been wearing this deep blue nail polish for about a week. I really love it and the texture is awesome. Its "In Your Hands" from Nicole by OPI. I bought mine at TJ Maxx.

And just wanted to share an outfit... because I do wear normal clothes besides dresses... Cardigan from Target, v-neck tank from Express, jeans from Banana Republic, boots from Nordies... don't remember the brand.

Hope y'all enjoyed! I'll be doing my FAQ video in the next few days. So gimme those questions :)



  1. I love all your looks especially the smokey ones. They're very "bedroomy" :) I also love the lashes in your Rose Romance FOTD. Which ones are those? They look hot!

  2. I like the nice & natural, rose romance fotds! Details for eyeshadows be great! Thanks.

  3. Great looks! I've always loved how the mascara you use works on your bottom lashes because mine always look a mess. -_-"

    What did you use for your GoGo dancer look?

  4. I love the look from the A Rose Romance FOTD, do you remember the shadows you used in that look?

  5. Everything is so gorgeous! Two questions: 1) Can you tell me how you did the pink glitter and what you used? 2) Do you remember what blush you wore in the Haunting Haux?

    Thanks Stephie! You live such a full and busy life-work, school, church, etc. -It's very inspiring to me! Hope I can be like that someday! Thank you for being an inspiration = )

  6. Hey Stephie!!

    I love the Subtle Green and A Rose Romance looks. They are natural with a hint of elegance. :)

    My question is:

    What daily cleanser do you use?

    Happy Holidays!! Looking forward to your FAQ video.

  7. i LOVE all your fotd looks! they're so gorgeous! you're too cute girl, thanks for sharing with us :]

  8. I love all your looks but I have to ask what you used in your A Rose Romance FOTD. I love the subtleness but with a little bit of interest.

  9. You are sooo BEAUTIFUL! Just stunning and then some! I loooove love love all your looks and your tops too! :)

  10. Hello! I really like your makeup looks :) I noticed that you tend to use MAC techakhol a lot, is it smudge proof? I'm looking for an eyeliner which doesn't migrate to the outer corner of my eye, that's what happens all the time! thanks:)

  11. I LOVE A Rose Romance! :] You look so pretty :]

  12. Hey Stephie!
    i would love to know what u used in "A rose romance" it looks so simple yet beautiful!

  13. That dark smokey eye is gorgeous! And you look so cute in the picture where you're winking!


    Kate Gene

  14. oo i just love the make up for the go go dancer Halloween look!

  15. Love these looks, especially the pink eye and the rose romance one. So gorgeous! :)

  16. LOL @ the cystic purple FOTD. Loved all these looks.

  17. wow, you told us to post questions, yet you don't answer them. I'm disappointed.