Merry Christmas Y'all!

Merry Christmas y'all <3 br="">Since I'm from Texas, it's only appropriate that I greet y'all with this....

Hehe... so it snowed on Christmas Eve!!! I haven't seen snow in Texas for at LEAST 2 years (if not more). On Wednesday, it was around 70 degrees... then all of a sudden it started to snow the next day! Truly a Christmas miracle :)

I was inspired by the gorgeous weather to do a tutorial. I felt like a doll in a snowstorm, so that's what I called it :)

What I used:
*MAC unless stated otherwise*

Emote Blush (matte brown) - contour (168 brush)
Dollymix Blush (bright pink) - cheeks (136 brush)
Sunsparked Pearl Beauty Powder - highlight (136 brush)

Pandora's Eyeshadow Primer - base for lid
Beiging Shadestick - base for lower lashline
Next to Nothing e/s (creamy white) - highlight (227 brush)
Smoke and Diamonds e/s (shimmery gray) - crease (217 brush) & smudged on lower lashline (Pandora's Small Crease Brush)
Gesso e/s (white) - lid (239 brush)
Reflects Transparent Teal (teal glitter) - lid (Pandora's Shading Brush)
Nightfish Fluidline (black gel liner) - upper & lower lashline (Afterglow Cosmetics Angled Brush)
Long Voluminous False Lashes from Ebay
Shiseido Distinguish Mascara

Dervish Lip Liner (pink)
3N Lipstick (creamy pink)
Steppin Out Dazzleglass (shimmery pink)

I went a little snap happy, I know ;)

Hope y'all liked!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays my lovelies!!!

FTC Disclaimer: The products from Pandora's Makeup Box and Afterglow Cosmetics were sponsored by the companies. I give my honest opinion about these products and am using them only because they are products that I like. I would not use any products that I did not like. I do not get paid to make any of these videos for any of the companies. All other items I purchased with my own money.


  1. love it! u really do look like a snow doll <33
    happy holidays!

  2. LOL! That clip is so funny! And the title of your look is very fitting, you look like a doll! A *belated* Merry Christmas to you! xx Livia

  3. such a gorgeous (x10) look! I LOVE it!

  4. You look really beautiful and that clip is hilarious, lol. I love the lashes you chose! very doll like<3

  5. hey Stephie! i'm a new follower of yours! [=

    i was wondering what's the most common "brush" you would use all the time? I want a new brush but im not quite sure what i size i should get. Ideally just for the eyes, eyeshadows.

    please and thank you.