FAQ: Personal Stuff + Brown Circle Lens From Pinky Paradise

Happy Friday y'all!

I posted up my personal questions FAQ on YouTube.

Here are the questions so y'all can skip around at your leisure.. I know I like to talk and I can get sidetracked hehe..


Braces 1:55

How much do you weigh? 3:23

What Nationality are you? 4:10

How old is your boyfriend? 4:16

How did you two meet? 4:23

How long you guys been living together? 9:06

What do you part-time job in? 9:55

What kind of phone do you have? 10:15

Favorite food? 10:33

What is your natural hair? 10:53

What university are you attending ? 11:13

What are your future plans ? 11:50

Are you married? 13:48

What's your opinion on guys who cheat? Would you forgive them or get back with them? 14:08

Why were you MIA from making videos for so long? 15:18

What car do u drive? 16:37

Have you ever been to the philippines? Where is your family from in the philippines?? 16:45

What are you studying? Have you ever regreted studying accounting? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 17:04

Are you comfortable with your boyfriend without any makeup on? 17:48

What do you like to do for fun with your boyfriend Mike? 18:15

Will you ever have a Texas meet and greet? 18:41

Could I add you to my blog links please? 19:19

What kind of camera do you use? 20:05


I wore my other pair of circle lens from Pinky Paradise. These are the Barbie Big Size Brown Circle Lens <--- br="" click="" link="" on="" purchase="" to="">
I really like these lens. They aren't as comfortable as the grey contacts I wore in my last video, but they are super pretty. I will be doing a review on the contacts from Pinky Paradise soon.

I got a lot of comments on my video to do a tutorial on the look I was wearing.... I'm debating on it since it is such a simple look. I will probably still do a tutorial if the following product listing isn't sufficient, just let me know :)

*MAC unless stated otherwise*

Face & Body Foundation - N5 (187 brush)
Invisible Set Powder - set foundation (150 brush)
Fleurry Blush (was LE but its a shimmery pink) - blush (136 brush)

Rubenesque P/P - base
Cosmic e/s (warm yellow gold) - lid to crease (239 brush)& inner lower lashline (219 brush)
Tempting e/s (dark brown) - outer lower lashline (219 brush)
Blacktrack Fluidline - liner for lashline and waterline
Ebay Lashes
Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader

Take A Hint Tendertone

(I get snap happy with these lens in.... sorry! LOL) My earrings are from DSK Jewelry... love pearls!!!

Have a great weekend y'all!

<3 br="" stephie="">


  1. that's adorable! love those lenses on you. :)

  2. Do you still practice Scientology? How about Mike? :)

  3. sexy! i always love your makeup! & i like the lenses too =)

  4. thanks y'all :)

    @anonymous: yes we are scientologists :)

  5. i love your blog! i've been following for a while now. you have the cutest voice!

  6. Oh those lenses look so cool! :)

  7. Hey Stephie,

    Added you to my bloglist. :) I've been an avid follower of ur blog.

    - Char

  8. Yay for circle lenses! I've been meaning to order some but I wasn't sure which color (or colors) to order. This color looks gorgeous! I think I might go for these and a grey pair. Thanks for posting this!

  9. Barely got around to watching this video, and I have to say, that it made me like your personality even more. That whole thing about getting braces convo. was probably really hard for you to talk about and you did it with such poise and finesse. Personally, I think it makes you look cute (no homo lol). I have a gap between my two front teeth so I know how people can be too. Just let Karma deal with haters! -Nettie

  10. Hi there.
    I am kevin from
    We would like to sponsor circle lens for you to do the live review video, how you thinks for it?
    Please drop me an email if you interesting to
    TQ ^^

  11. LOL your FAQ is so honest! You looked so cute when you said "NOOO" when it came to cheating and beating hahaha.

    Anyway, I think you're so beautiful! And I can definitely relate to a lot to you especially after looking at this video cuz my bf is 27 and I'm 21... I'm also studying accounting and we started dating back in november of 08 hahah.

    With the whole MIA thing on make up, I definitely wore less make up for a long period of time when I started dating him because he liked it "natural" and without make up, but now I'm getting back into it. I missed it so much!

    I've added you to my blogroll btw!

  12. The lashes you're wearing in this video are gorgeous!

    OMG I can't believe someone asked you how much you weigh haha.. that's SO personal!!

  13. aww girly your are so sweet :D I just subscribed to your blog and youtube as well and i am so happy i did. Anyway i love your lashes here can ypu please glve me the name of the ebay buyer you bought it from thanks hun

  14. hi! i love those lasshes!!

    please post the ebay link or info for where to get them please!!