Hot Miami Styles Clothing Haul

Hey y'all!

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Tally from Hot Miami Styles has started to sponsor me. She sent me these clothing items a little before Christmas. The shipping was SUPER fast. I think I ordered them and 2 days later I received them! LOVES IT!I did a video review for y'all. I really like all the clothes I got, my most favorite item is the motorcycle jacket. The beaded mini dress is cute, I am going to wear them with leggings and I really like the look!

Here are some pics of me wearing the clothes:

Yellow Victorian Ruffle Shirt (Small)
This shirt is super cute! I love the ruffles and the pleating detail. It hugs my body nicely but without being too tight.

Black and White Fitted Dress (Small)
Unfortunately, they seem to have ran out of this particular dress. But the dress I linked is pretty similar with the hugging body pattern. I really love this dress. It accentuates what curves I do have :)

Black Blue 2fer Ruffle Babydoll Dress
I LOVE this dress! It is super cute. I'm loving the ruffles and criss cross back. They have a bunch of these in different colors with small differences in details.

Chrome Wet Look "Leather" Shiny Latex Leggings
These leggings are really form fitting. I like wearing them with all black or another monochromatic color. Definitely great for a night out if you're a little too cold to be bare-legged.

Black Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket
I am in love with this jacket!!!! I've been looking for a good motorcycle jacket from some time now. It is form-fitting and comfortable. It also keeps me pretty warm!

Black Drape Back Beaded Mini Dress
I knew when I ordered this dress that I would be kinda iffy about it. I love the beading detail but it did seem a little scandalous... but if I think back to a year and half ago, I've worn things similar ;) So I guess its scandalous for me now that I'm more conservative (i.e. in a relationship LOL).. I don't want to get THAT kind of attention anymore.
In any case, I tried wearing the mini dress with leggings (as I mentioned in the video) and I really like the look. I felt a lot more comfy than I would have if I hadn't worn them. And the beading on the back is just too fabbb! And I love the band on the bottom of the dress... it hugs the badonk nicely :P

I hope y'all liked the things I picked out! Lemme know what you think :)

And don't forget to check out Hot Miami Styles! and use the coupon code: STEPH for FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!!!

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  1. i luv them all ..i want that jacket ;D

  2. I love the motorcycle jacket too! It looks great on you :) I love the black & white dress a lot as well! Great post!

  3. Everything looks super hot on you girl! I'm definitly going to check out the website and hopefully find some cute stuff...a girl can never have too many clothes :P Thanks for sharing :))

  4. Sexy outfits Stephie! I love them all! That jacket looks soo great on you! :)

  5. I'm going to order the Black Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket! Looks super cute! On the site, the "alternate view" has Rhianna on it-that jacket isn't the same one. oh wells, still getting it. The steph coupon will save me money on 7day shipping woo!
    Is that size also small you're wearing and roomy or tight?

  6. Everything looks so good on you! You have the perfect shape, & your tiny-jealous now!!

  7. you're so pretty stephie! your outfits are awesome :]

  8. lovely outfits, you look great in them! you are lucky you have those curves!!

  9. LOve all those clothes.

  10. Oh very nice, I really like that style! =D

  11. hey Stephie! I love the jacket on you! royal blue and black go so well together!!!!!!!I myself, have been wanting one but I don't think I match that style!

    The hub has one and I wanted one to match ut.. I look soo.. incredibly tacky in one

  12. I've had my eye on this for like... seriously 2 weeks now.
    Do you think it's worth it? I just need a little nudge in the right direction, lol.
    It's one of their more "conservative" styles

  13. kat: its tight (in a good way) on the sleeves, but they're a bit long so i fold the inside cuff just so it fits better to my body. the body is fairly roomy. if i zip it up, its not skin tight.

    diane: aw well that's poopy... its cute though wanting to match with your hubby. i do that to mike all the time hehe

    lisa: i think that is a super cute dress! definitely more conservative than other products *thumbs up* :)

  14. oh my, gimme gimme that jacket too! so looks great on you!

  15. I love the blue and black ruffle dress. Is that a size small you are wearing? Did it run big on you? I'm usually a 34-36 in the bust area. Do you think a medium will fit me? That is all they have left on the website. :(

  16. A 34-36 means a medium for anyone. The bust is not that important, beacause a smaller one will get attention on your "treasure" :)

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