Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial: Femme Gold & Black

Hey y'all!

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I decided to redo my Femme Gold & Black tutorial since it was originally requested for a date look.

Here is my current spin on an old tutorial :)

*MAC unless stated otherwise*

Afterglow Cosmetics Foundation - Caramel (Afterglow Kabuki Brush)
Studio Finish Concealer - NC35
Fleurry Blush - blush (136 brush)

Next to Nothing e/s - highlight (227 brush)
Gold Mode p/m - inner half of lid (239 brush) & inner half lower lashline (219 brush)
Smoking e/s - outer v & crease (222 brush) & outer half lower lashline (219 brush)
Gorgeous Gold e/s - center of lid (239 brush) & center lower lashline (219 brush)
Shimmersand Shadestick - base for lower lashline
Blacktrack Fluidline - liner (209 brush)
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Distinguish Mascara
Porcelaine/ Browning Brow Shader

Ahoy There l/s

The earrings I am wearing were sent to me from LuShae Jewelry. I have been wearing them quite a bit. I love stud earrings... I've never really been a fan of dangling earrings besides a handful that I own. I guess I get scared that somehow I'm gonna rip them out... I know that's a weird thought but it still kinda scares me lol. Definitely check these earrings (Princess Cut Pink 7mm Studs) out at her website... LINK

And my contacts are the Barbie Big Size Brown Circle Lens from Pinky Paradise.

I am gonna share some pics from the holiday season soon. I'm just pooped today. I did some training pretty much all day with a volunteer group that I will be volunteering with during the tax season. The program is called VITA and basically I'm going to be helping low-income people/families with filing their tax returns and without any cost to the person :) I'm really excited because I can actually use knowledge and skills that I have accumulated throughout my college career to help someone..... lovesss that!

So I will get the update post up soon. For now, I hope this suffices :)

Talk to y'all soon!

FTC Disclaimer: Items sponsored by companies were Afterglow Cosmetics, LuShae Jewelry and Pinky Paradise. I only show these products because these are things I actually like and use. I am not getting paid by these companies to promote their products. I show what I like and y'all will never see me use something in my videos if I don't like it (unless I am telling y'all about my bad experience with the item).


  1. Very pretty colors =D I like it~ i shall try it out sometime ;p

  2. omg i love this look! it really brightens up your eyes, you're seriously so cute and pretty!!

  3. aww u have such a good heart! vita sounds very cool :) and beautiful eotd as well!

  4. wahhh you and Mike are too cute!!! love your lenses by the way! it's tempting me to get some...but everytime I wear circle lenses my eyes look really wonky in pictures LOL

  5. loving this eye look. u look great with colored contacts :)

  6. gorgeous!!! you and your man are too cute!

  7. stephie! you got me into makeup and I probably told you that a million times but I never had a blog but now I do. just dropping by to let you know I added you to my blog roll thing. =)

  8. Wow that is such a beautiful look! :D

  9. you are so cute u look like a young eva longoria!


  10. Your eyes look so pretty! I love the texture and it looks so softly blended.

  11. So pretty it looks so soft and blended!

  12. what a hot look! and even paired with a hot contact color. hot hot hot! :D

  13. I love all the dramatic eye looks you create! You and I are totally on the same page with our eye make-up. Mine looks like a horrible version of what you do though. LOL!

    I love the picture of you with your puppy! Aw! And you and your boy are so cute together! I love that he's in your header, too.

    Great post!


  14. Love this look on you, it makes your eyes look so bright! And you and your man look so cute together =)

  15. Gorgeous! Thanks for posting!
    Loving your blog! :)