Requested Tutorial: Simple & Smokey Eyes for a Debut

This tutorial was requested by my cousin, Kate, who is having her 18th birthday debut next month. I'm sorry to y'all who have wanted the Mod Doll tutorial... it was up next but family comes first :P Watch out for it though, let me survive the next week through midterms and I'll get it to y'all!

Items Used

MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC35
MAC Face & Body Foundation N5
MAC Invisible Set Powder
MAC Emote Blush – contour w/ 168 brush
MAC Prism Blush – cheeks w/ 136 brush

Deuba MX21 Violet Circle Lens from Pinky Paradise
MAC Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader w/ Smashbox Angled brush
MAC Ricepaper e/s – highlight w/ 213 brush & tearduct w/ 219 brush
MAC Knight Divine e/s – lid w/ 239 brush & outer 1/3rd of lower lashline w/ 219 brush
MAC Tete-A-Tint e/s – crease w/ 217 brush
Shiseido Mascara Base & Perfect Mascara
Think & Long Ebay Lashes from seller: etopauction

MAC Oak l/l
MAC Peachstock l/s


  1. gorgeous stephie! i love this look and the contacts makes the look 10x better. loves it <33

  2. you totally match with those lens! they look gorgeous on you. i wish i match with violet. =(

  3. Oh my gosh your lips and eyelashes are to die for. I'm putting that lip color on my list. :)

  4. Gorgeous, Stephie!! Please do a review on the Face & Body foundation if you get some free time-I know you're busy! I need a new summer foundation and have my eye on it! <3

  5. beautiful!! u look like a living doll girlie <3

  6. I agree with Kitzy, you are a LIVING DOLL! <3 So beautiful Stephie!

  7. Stephie you're absolutely gorgeous! & your skin just looks flawless! I like the colored contacts on you & they perfect your makeup all together. I might just have to get myself a pair! <3

  8. Sexay mama!! You looks SOOOOOOOOO good! I love this FOTD!

  9. Hey doll! you are gorgeous! and this smokey eye tutorial was great! your Blog is Fab! im def following :) just showing some love on your page I'm a newbie blogger at and you can follow me on twitter if you have that too
    XoXo, Suzanna

  10. so pretty! and you look nicely tanned! =)

  11. How would you have looked without the mineral foundation and just a finish powder?

  12. you say yall because you're from texas..but arent you originally from LA?? lol.

  13. thanks Y'ALL!

    @gemma: i'll be sure to do that for you :)

    @amenda: born in LA. lived there for 2 years, then lived there when i was 13-17. rest of the time has been in TX. so 15 out of 21 years i've lived in texas.

  14. I love this look!! My favorite will deff hv to try this one next time i go out!! Thank u for making such awesome tutorials

  15. I LOVE your lenses!! They look so gorgeous on you especially with your tan compexion!! so jealous...I always look like a ghost haha my boyfriend hates it and wants me to be darker but I said I can't because then all my freckles will come out and I spent so much money on laser to get them removed!!

    wow I am such a rambler LOL anyway love the look and love the faces!! especially the 3rd to last one LMAO you're too adorable!!

  16. Hey Stephie!
    You looks so adorable! Thanks for sharing the look and it looks super easy to do. I miss seeing your brown eyes b/c I think it's one of your best features. Do you wear your contacts everyday or just when you go out or do tutorials?

  17. great vid! always looking pretty :) + i love the look! xx tess

  18. This look is realllly pretty. I've watched your video on youtube already...i'll deff try this heheee

  19. Ahh, so you feel my pain when it comes to the bf ruining the youtube uploade schedule. When I try to negotiate I always get, "just one more round, PLEASE!!!" It never turns out to be just one more round.

    You look gorgeous; I love your brows and your lips are to die for! My youtube video photos always come out darker too...I wouldn't mind if they made me look more tan, but they just make me look Jersey Shore orange.

  20. Hi Stephie! The smokey eye looks great on you! I love your color choices it's soft and pretty.

    Take care,