Valentine's Weekend 2010

Hey y'all :)

I hope y'all had a great Valentine's Day (or Single's Awareness Day)! I've had lots of questions about how my Valentine's Day went down.... so I'll share :)

But before I get started, I wanted to say congratulations to my friend, April, for getting engaged last month!!!! I'm so happy for you and Justin :) Check her out, she's such a sweet person!

Onto my Valentine's weekend.... the NBA All-Stars game was held in Dallas this year (which was on Valentine's Day) so traffic in the area was RIDICULOUS!! Mike and I went shopping during the weekend in Dallas (thank you tax refund!) & it was packed. Not fun but I braved the crowds to finally get my man.... Louis! I waited a year to buy him. I was gonna buy him after my internship last year, but I donated the money instead..... so when I got my money from my tax refund, well I HAD to get him :) I'm very satisfied with my purchase. I feel proud when I look at him, knowing I worked my booty off for him.... ahhhhhh accomplishment!

On V-Day weekend (maybe Friday, I don't remember), it snowed yet again in TX! We got around 8" of snow while other parts of the DFW area got a foot of snow! This is sad, but this was the most amount of snow I'd ever seen! I had a blast playing in it!

I'm attempting to make a snow angel while Juicy looks on at my silliness :)
She's so good, still getting her business done :)
She loved the snow!!!!
Mike and my townhome was without electricity for 36 hours... arghhhh! Thankfully we didn't park the Suzuki under any of these trees... its about to snap from the weight of the snow!
Had to camhoe with Juicy. I'm wearing Wonder Eye circle lens in green from Pinky Paradise. Buy HERE!
Mike bought me this HUGE Juicy Couture engagement ring keychain... I don't need to carry mace anymore... knock a person out if they try to mug me!
On our way to Northpark Center in Dallas. All-Star banner atop one of the skyscrapers in Downtown.
After shopping, Mike and I had dinner at Kona Grill. If you are ever in the area, try them out. They have delicious sushi as well as steak.... a variety of food to appeal to any craving. My mojito is on the left. It was delicious! Just the right amount of sugar, lime, mint and rum. Not overwhelming in alcohol. I like my drinks tasty, I'm not a fan of straight liquor anymore... getting old :P (drink responsibly, y'all hear?!?!)
My fave sushi roll, spicy tuna with cream cheese.... SO GOOD! We also ordered the spider roll & some other roll with shrimp that I can't remember the name of... their sushi is delicious!
My friend Melissa and her man :) He came down from Canada to visit.

On Valentine's Day, Mike told me I had to get out of the house for a little while. I went to church & when I came home, I found the walls covered in sticky notes :) We have this thing where we write each other little love notes and stick them somewhere where we'll see it when we're not together, like in his work truck. Anyways, that was the meaning behind these :) He used a ladder to get real high up on the walls LOL... these are just a few pictures but literally EVERY wall was covered in notes. My mom thought he was going to propose.... she was real disappointed when she saw these pics on Facebook rather than a ring on my finger... LOL one day ;)

Mike got me roses and we added little diamond looking gems to fill the vase. The card plays "Love Will Keep Us Together" hehe....

Mike got me this bracelet from Tiffanys for my present :)

We had our Valentine's dinner at Five Sixty which is a Wolfgang Puck restaurant. We went later in the week because everything was crazy with the All-Stars game in Dallas. If you're ever in the Dallas area, this is a MUST!

The restaurant is on top of Reunion Tower and rotates slowly so you see the whole DFW area. Absolutely beautiful! And as you can guess, the restaurant is five hundred and sixty feet up :)

Its our second year to go here and I always enjoy the elevator ride :) My dress is from Forever 21. I loved the slight train in the back of the dress... looks like a simple LBD until you turn around :)

The restaurant has an Asian theme to it. I loved the setting!

The chopsticks were lying on a rock... very interesting lol
A complimentary appetizer. Green beans in ponzu sauce with candied walnuts... OMG the walnuts were DELICIOUS!!! Sweet and crunchy but not ridiculously sugary. Yummy!

Me and my mojito. I really didn't like it. Tasted more like alcohol than anything. Couldn't taste much mint, lime or sugar. Not yummy.

Salt & pepper calamari with a jalapeno & pickled ginger vinaigratte. This was so yummy! The calamari was very tender and not greasy.

Mike got the roasted chicken with lapsong sausage fried rice. I was going to order this but he beat me to it LOL

I ordered the Alaskan halibut with Thai shrimp, keffir lime, and pineapple chili sambal. It was very yummy. Truth be told, I didn't see a full shrimp... more like cut up little tiny pieces, maybe 2 or 3 haha.. but the fish was moist and tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Yummm!

I finished my meal with Eiswein (or Ice Wine) which is a VERY sweet dessert wine. I like sweet wines like Riesling... this wine was soooo sweet. I didn't like it at all. But I had to try it out.

For dessert I got the fuji & granny smith apple butterscotch crumble with vanilla bean ice cream. I loved the little crumbles, tasted like shortbread cookies which I <3 span="">

Mike got the turtle cheesecake with salted caramel. It was very creamy and delicious. The salted caramel made it even better!

The view from the restaurant... a must see if you visit!

They had a whole wall of this wine case.

My outfit. Dress & earrings from Forever 21. Shoes from Michael Kors. Necklace & bracelet from Tiffanys & purse from LV :) The bracelet was my Valentine's gift form Mike.

When we got home, this is what we found Juicy doing :) Chewing on her bone.

I hope y'all had a great Valentine's Day!




  1. Aww sounds like it was an awesome, great time =D

  2. Aww sounds like you had a great V-day! Love the shoes!

  3. AHHHH okay so I pretty much died when I saw the post-its that covered the wall SO FREAKING CUTE omg hahaha *freak out moment*

    wait I'm not done freaking out...your dress is ADORABLE yes that train in the back is gorgeous and it looks so good on you!!!

    that restaurant looks amazing I'm so going to fly my bf over so we can go there WAHH can I graduate already

    anyway your Vday looked super sweet and I love that you got so many awesome pressies from Mike and yourself hehe LOVES IT

  4. you look super amazing! and you're making me want to check out those contacts <3 glad you had fun on vday!

  5. Those post it notes are the cutest sweetest idea i have ever seen - my bf needs to take note!!! hehe!!

    i love ur outfit too u look very chic!

  6. Aw Stephie I'm glad you had a good valentines day!! All your pictures look so cute and happy and I LOVE your LV bag missy!

  7. What a gorgeous v-day you had! You and your boyfriend looked so nice all dressed up and the food looked amazing! p.s. your dog is beyond cute!!

  8. Awwww so cute! The sticky notes thing is adorable. I so love the length of your hair too! Looks healthy and THICK. Love the dress too, fits like a glove. Many more happy vdays for yall :) <3 !

  9. you look sooo pretty in your valentine's day pictures!!

    congrats on your louis!!

    ps. juicy is so well trained! &#9829

  10. awwww your boyfriend is so romantic to his lovely lady ;) you guys make the best couple ever :)

    it looks like you had sooo much fun on your valentine's day and you looked absolutely gorgeous! now i'm lusting for your shoes hahaha.


  11. Aw, sounds like you had a great time! And what an adorable dog :)

  12. Hey babe, it's been a while since I posted a comment but I've always been lurking around silently lol. :P

    Looks like you had a fantastic Vday weekend. Mike is such a keeper! Love your outfit and the shoes! I have the same dress, babe! :) It freaking rocks! Oh and congrats on the new baby lol.

  13. WOW! Mike is so romantic!! Your V-day looks like such a blast!

    Your body is AMAZING btw!

  14. Aww! I'm glad you had a wonderful V-day! Mike is definitely a winner! How long did it take him to put up all of those notes around the house?!

    The LV monogram speedy is a classic. It goes with every outfit! I've had mine for about 5 years now and I carry that bag everywhere (that one and my LV damier speedy are my fav bags). Great investment Steph!

    I love that pic of you and Mike sticking out his tongue while you're trying to give him a kiss. So funny! Reminds me of my fella and I...LOL

    P.S. Juicy is sooo cute!!!

  15. you look soo amazing! That dress and your whole outfit was just too die for! I was soo jealous that you guys got snow that weekend! The news keep teasing us telling us that we'll get snow but we never do :( Kona Grill is one of my favorite places to eat, their happy hour is so worth it!

    It looks like you had a super fantastic Vday weekend. You and Mike are adorable!

    xoxo <3

  16. You're so pretty!! It sounds and looks like you had a great weekend.

  17. looked like you had an awesome valentine's day weekend girl! love the new louie, and the ring and bracelet! lucky girl >.<
    that was so cute what mike did with the sticky notes :] the wolfgang puck restaurant looks really nice! too bad the mojito wasn't to your liking :[ i'm definitely like you now that i'm getting older (well, almost 22, haha) i like more mixed "sophisticated" drinks LOL, have you ever tried a lychee-tini? they're my FAVE!

  18. Stephie! U look gorgeous! Guess what? I'm moving to Denton for grad school this summer so we'll be neighbors! I was in Dallas last week and my bf and I were laughing at the giant all-star banner and wondering how the office people felt staring at a giant basketball guy booty out their windows ;) Glad u had fun! xoxo

  19. You and mike are just too cute for words...and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your shoes!!

  20. wow mike is so sweet!!!!!! u look so pretty on your date!!

  21. awee you look soo gorgeous in ur pics as always! and dinner looks yummy! i love myself a glass of mojito as well... the mojito from the jap restaurant looks bomb! mmm~

  22. the post-its are hella cute! yay for lovely vdays =)

  23. Awww. You and Mike are so cute! I have a similar Tiffany's bracelet, except it has my initials and not the return to Tiffany tag. Congrats on your Louis! I want a Louis, but I can't find a unique and functional style.
    Juicy is adorable! Do you have any housetraning tips? I'm only asking b/c my bf's parents just got a 6wk old Pomeranian. She pees and poops on her pad, but there's always an occasional accident with her.

  24. i totally do the post it thing with my bf too :) hehehe. though i should start inserting more notes into his pockets/etc.. he lovessss those. your LBD is so cute!

  25. Wonderfull valentine's day!

    Check out this website for wonderful fashion wear!

    For Singapore only...

  26. just awarded you on my blog girl go check it out

  27. Dear Stephie,
    I know in an older vid you said you were getting something done to your teeth, but I really really really like them as is! It's stupid for ppl to say they're wacked out because they're crooked. It's stranger having completely perfect teeth. As a fellow female I find beauty in percieved 'imperfections' and your smile with those teeth is one of the most beautiful things about you, shown very well in your VDay pictures X

  28. Stephie you look gorgeous! & i love your LBD =)

  29. <3'd this whole post!
    Now I have to go to forever to get that dress if its still there or try and find it online and hit up Dallas for some fancy delicious looking meals!


  30. Stephie your dress is really pretty and you look amazing! The post-its on the wall are so un-conventional and quite sweet IMO :)
    Congrats on bagging your "man"! :P

    Btw, thanks for supporting my site! I hope the dress will fit youuuu :))

  31. Hey girl ... new follower here : ) You and your man (men) look so cute together! Congrats on getting the bag, don't you love something 100x more knowing you worked hard for it?

  32. oh my gosh, your shoes are sooo cute Steph!!! :D ya'll look like ya'll had a fun time! hehe. congrats on finally gettin Louis!

  33. OMG Stephie! I nearly spit out my hot cocoa when I read you congratulated me on my engagement on your blog. YOU ARE WAAAY TOO SWEEEET!Congratulations on your Louis, it is BEAUTIFUL! OMG those Wonder Eye circle lens are sooo hot on you!!! OMG Mike is waaaaay too sweet for doing all the decor on Valentine's Day! I have the same Tiffany & Co. bracelet. I wanna wear it in a video and say hi Stephie hahahaha! Is that dorky? Yah, but you know how I!One more thing, you wore all those outfits so well! You have such a hot bod! I want a booty like you!

  34. How cool! I love my Speedy! I've had it for years and it's still in great shape. It's a classic for sure! You'll never regret it.

    Check out my blog whenever you get a chance, girly! It's

    Take Care,

  35. you are so gorgeous Stephie! I Love your outfit & dress you wore! I hope you don't mind me asking but what bra do you wear with strapless dresses & how do you keep them up & in place? mine always tend to slide. :/ the contacts look gorgeous on you, well you always look gorgeous though! :) what speedy bag size is that btw? it's so nice!

  36. Hey! I love your blog, do you know anywhere I could track down and buy "Otherworldly" from the McQueen 07 MAC's a paint pot you reviewed. Any chance you're interested in selling it?

  37. Beautiful as ever! Glad you had an wonderful V-Day!!

  38. awwww u earnt it urself!nice!hehe

  39. LOVEEE the purseee it's so PRETTY! : )