Clothing Binge: Forever 21 and HMS

Howdy y'all!

I have lots of requests to do more clothing and fashion videos. I really don't shop very often but I did accumulate a bit of clothing over the past 3 months (tax refund HOLLLLLAAAA). I bought everything from Forever21 and was sponsored the Hot Miami Styles clothes (though I picked them all out). I have the info of all the HMS clothing in the information box of my video :)

P.S. I am doing a "giveaway" of the crochet swimsuit because the first one sent to me was too small for me (XS... I'm a S). So Tally, the owner of HMS, thought I should just give it away to a friend or on YT. If you'd like the swimsuit, please enter a comment on my video. I'll randomly choose a winner next Friday, April 2nd.

And as requested, here are a few of the pics of the clothes:

Cardigan - F21, skirt - F21, opaque tights - Nordstroms

Top - F21, skirt - F21

Top - F21

2fer Racerback Dress - HMS

Kimono Top - HMS

Leatherette Dress - HMS

Lace Top - HMS

Off The Shoulder Sweater - HMS

Bandage Dress - HMS

Crochet Swimsuit - HMS

Don't forget, y'all can get free worldwide shipping if you use the code "STEPH"



  1. I love all you got it's so pretty and the crochet swimsuit is soooo gorgeous!

  2. You are gorgeous! And I love that swimsuit. You should totally model :) xx

  3. That swimsuit is hot! I've been obsessed over cutout one pieces lately. I'll have to remember to enter now.

  4. Is that HMS Leatherette dress in Small too? Bc I've looked at it forever and I've only seen it in Large :( if it's a Small then you're lucky, and if it's a large, then I will order it too :D

  5. I LOVE that swimsuit. Veryyy cute. I'll have to check out Hot Miami Styles now. I love all your pieces! Great style

  6. Love all of them. You are gorgeous and you rock all of the outfits.

  7. Holy shizzz chica! these outfits areee wayyy too cute!! you look amazing!

    xxx suzanna

  8. thank y'all :)

    @anonymous the dress is a small... hopefully they'll get more in stock! i got these clothes like a month or so ago.

  9. gorgeous outfits! the dress with the open back bandage.. did you wear a bra underneath it, if so what kind?

  10. All the cloths are perfect fit on you.I did not know your from Dallas until now. I watch your youtube once in awhile..;)

  11. You have the perfect body! These clothes are gorgeous!!!

  12. did I already comment here and say you look adorable in that cropped cardigan? you do. :)

  13. i bought the cut out back bandage dress in pink! looks so pretty thanks for sharing. but what kind of bra do you suggest i wear underneath, what color? or will it look odd.. because since its color is pink the bra will really stand out?

  14. Excellent !! Looking sexy in all peace of dresses, just loved it and wish to get some now. Thanks and all the best.

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