Makeup Sale!

EDIT: Added more items. If you have already paid for items and want more, I can add it to your order :)

-Paypal only!
-Please email me at with the items you would like to purchase and your shipping address. I will then send you an email confirmation of the items and total cost, as well as instructions on how to send the money via PayPal.
-Payment must be received within 24 hours of confirmation. Otherwise, these items will be sold to the next person.
-Shipping in the US for the first item is $2.50, then $.50 for each additional item.
-I'm willing to open this internationally. However, I will have to let you know on an individual basis the amount of shipping.
-All items are MAC.
-I ship on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
-Please check back if you are interested in a pending item. If I don't receive payment promptly, they'll be back on for sale :)

Eyeshadows: Each $11
Top: Smoke & Diamonds SOLD, Dreammaker, One-Off SOLD, Glamour Check SOLD
Bottom: Nile, Fashion Groupie SOLD, Idol Eyes SOLD, Claire De Lune

Top: Point Black Liquidlast Liner $10, Dark Brown Creme Liner $10
Rave Pearlglide Liner $12 SOLD, Black Russian Pearlglide Liner $12, Mystery Kohl Power $12

Lipsticks: 1N $12, Brew $12 SOLD, Made With Love $12 SOLD, Orchidazzle $10 SOLD, Ahoy There $12 SOLD, Overrich $10

Softnote Tendertone $8, Gadabout $8 SOLD
Pro Pan Palette Shadows: Each $9
Top: Chrome Yellow, Wedge SOLD, Seedling SOLD, Beautiful Iris, Passionate SOLD
Middle: Soba SOLD, Petalescent, Wondergrass SOLD, Flashtrack SOLD, Shroom SOLD
Bottom: Coral SOLD, Smut SOLD, Bamboo SOLD, Juxt SOLD

All $9 each
Top: Rose Blanc SOLD, Hepcat, Teal Blue, Poison Pen SOLD
Middle: Parfait Amour SOLD, Steamy SOLD, Fig 1 SOLD
Bottom: Deep Truth SOLD, Moonflower SOLD, Sushi Flower SOLD

All Pigments are full. Swatched once and that's about all the use they've seen! And the paint pot was used maybe 4 times max. Hardly used.
Your Ladyship Pigment $14 SOLD, Sweet Sienna $14 SOLD, Bright Fuschia $14, Nice Vice $12 SOLD

Thanks for looking at the sale :) I really appreciate your help.... dang speeding tickets!!!!

Happy Easter <3>


  1. I will take smoke and diamonds, soba and juxt

  2. Great sale! I may be back for more...Thanks!

  3. Hi! I just saw your sale - I'm not sure if Sweet Sienna is still available? I see that its pending.

    If it falls through, can you please let me know?


  4. Stephie, I have a few Blog awards awaiting you dear!

  5. hey Stephie I'm really interested to buy on of your makeup. I live in Richardson be great if you met up sometimes..;)

  6. is softnote tendertone or one off shadow still available? my email is

  7. Pro Pan Chrome Yellow
    Hi Steph! =)

  8. i would like Black Russian Pearlglide Liner and i live in Australia how much would that be u can send it via letter envelop can e- mail me the detail

  9. hey im interested in the balloonacy highlight powder. is it still available?

  10. Hello, is the black liquidlast liner still available?

  11. love mac makeup it wrks so fav is the purple eye shadow cuz my fav color is purple lol!!

    come checkout my fashion blog n please subscribe!!!

  12. random, but do you have Masque from the alexander mcqueen collection? I'd love to see it used!

  13. i love it, but almost all is gone :(:(

    do you sell more later???

    when you sell more, will you email me??

    this is my e-mail:


  14. wish i didnt miss this blog sale :( mostly everything is gone.

    check out my blog for discounted NEW NEVER USED NARS and other products! cheaper than retail price! :)
    at !

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