Sedona Lace Palette FOTDs + US Based Circle Lens!

Hi y'all!

Can it be December already so I can graduate?!?!?! It has been a whole year since I've had a break from school. I took last summer off.... but I've been going straight through since then. Fall semester, wintermester, spring semester, Maymester, and now summer semester... then fall semester again and DONE! With college anyways. Then I start my CPA exam. AGHKJLFJLSKDFJLDSJFIOJDSFO

Btw, do y'all like the new layout I am using? I figured I've had my blog a certain way for years, might as well switch it up with one of the new layouts Blogger provided. I like the wider columns. I've been trying to find out how to do that for a long time, and now it is made easy. I just want my leopard background back... lol

Anywho, as I promised, I will be posting a ton of FOTDs/ mini-reviews today. Bear with me porfaplease! I always take pics of things to share on my blog... I just don't always have the time to post them, ya know?

Sedona Lace 120 Palette

In my last post, I mentioned that I received an eyeshadow palette consisting of 120 colors from Sedona Lace. The one I was sent is out of stock, but they have the second edition of the palette that is in stock. They look pretty much the same besides a few colors are swapped out.

I've had the palette for a better part of a month now. So far, I'm really liking the color range and pigmentation of the shadows. I've noticed that the shimmery colors are more pigmented than the matte ones, but in my experience with shadows, that's been true even for MAC (besides their Matte2 shadows but that's another topic lol). I definitely recommend wearing a base when using these shadows & for an even more vibrant color, wear a colored base underneath.

There are some shadows on the palette, matte ones, that I just COULD NOT work with. Maybe my skin is too dark... I don't know. Some of the matte ones just felt a bit chalky and didn't want to show up on me no matter the amount of packing on I did. I did not try it on wet though, so I may need to try that out. For the majority, they show up really well... and I LOVE the shimmery shadows :)

I don't really wear colorful shadows out and about anymore... it's just not my thing & with the hot weather in Dallas, it feel like too much is on my face. If y'all noticed on my blog sale, I sold a bunch of my colored shadows from MAC. I do have a couple of MAC palettes left, but sold the majority of my colorful shadows since I don't ever use them. I was going to buy a palette of colorful shadows just for fun, like from Coastal Scents or something, but then Sedona Lace contacted me :) So thanks a bunch!!!

A wide range of colors... not too many neutrals but I'm happy with it because I have enough neutral shadows as it is!

Tried out a smokey eye. I applied a black base underneath.

I redid my smokey look except added false lashes & made it a bit darker for a girls night out.

I actually wore this colorful look out. I dunno... not my fave really. I filmed a tutorial for it but deleted it because the lighting was way off. I'm wearing Geo Tri Color Brown lenses from Pinky Paradise.

I used a shimmery purple and pink for this look. I like a softer look for colorful shadows so I actually liked this one.

I'm also wearing my Missha BB Cream No. 31 in this look. Not bad, huh? Not too much of a white cast from the SPF.

G&G Turquoise Circle Lens from

I was contacted by a subscriber on YouTube a couple months ago who had an online store for circle lens. is the one of the few US based circle lens distributors. For the most part, circle lenses can be purchased online, but are sent from Asia. Sunny kindly asked me to try out a couple of lenses. I chose a turquoise pair and brown pair (which I haven't tried out yet).

They don't have the widest of selections, but she is increasing her inventory. If you live in the US or Canada, definitely check them out! I got my lenses in about 3 days.

I really like the G&G Turquoise lenses. They're not extremely large so are comfortable for me to wear. I like the obvious color too!

I'm back to studying now! I have a lot more to post, but that's for another day. More Geo Tri colored lenses to show as well as my BB cream experience & haul :)

Love y'all,


  1. the bb cream looks really nice on u!

  2. This is fantastic! I love the first smokey eye, it's so sexy. You are absolutely gorgeous, doll!

  3. Great review! Love your smokey FOTD too.

  4. AWW, YOU CAN DO IT!! Just a few more months of studying and you are DONE! Good luck!

    BTW, did you dye your hair lighter? It looks really pretty.

  5. Aww, YOU CAN DO IT!! Just a few more months then you are DONE! Good luck with everything!!

    BTW, did you dye your hair lighter? It looks lighter at the roots. It's really pretty!

  6. I love all the looks you created... the colorful one with yellow and orange is actually my favorite... it looks great on you. Great review, xo!

  7. WOw - that is a lot of school... it'll be worth it for sure! Love the looks that you've done w/ it! Very pretty.

  8. Hey hun...for some reason, never knew you were from fellow "Dallas-ite" here though I'm from the 'burbs. :)

    My little sis just finished up her CPAs - good luck to finishing up school and getting all those tests under your belt!

    Beauty & Brains - love your LOTD it's so fresh & Summery!

  9. UGHH i feel you, i want it to be september already... since i grad literally one of the last days of aug, haha! you'll get there soon enough!

  10. You are ALMOST there woman! Good luck!!!

    I have been eye'n those 120 palettes on eBay but I am afraid they will turn out like the CS palettes. Some of the colors were really good but some were crazy chalky. Bleh.

    Love the smokey eye and I think those turq. lenses look great on you!