Circle Lens Review: Super Nudy Pink Lens from Kiwiberry Collections

Hey y'all!

Here is my video review over a pair of circle lens I received from Kiwiberry. You can compare this lens to the Max Pure Pink Lens I reviewed a while ago. Also, I have a pair of blue circle lens and gray circle lens to review from her site as well so stay tuned for those!

Please visit Kiwiberry Collections webpage!!! She has a wide selection of circle lens and false lashes. Great customer service & she's such a sweetheart :)

Check out the Super Nudy Pink Lens here!
Check out the Criss Cross False Lashes here!

Thank you again Kiwi for these circle lens! Even though the false lashes aren't my personal preference, they are high quality & definitely worthwhile for those who like more natural-looking falsies!


P.S. The lens and falsies were sent to me from Kiwiberry. I always share my honest opinions about a product, whether sent to my or bought by me. I would not show y'all a product that I didn't think deserved a review, good or bad! :)


  1. Althrough the lashes' not your personal preference but i think it looks really pretty on you as well as the pink lens. i don't own any pink lens wonder how's gonna look on me hahaha

  2. Hi Stephie!

    I've been following your blog for a while. You really do a lot of pretty looks! My next comment isn't to scold you at all, but I think that those who wear or are interested in getting some circle lenses should be VERY careful. Sure, they look cute and really make your eyes POP. However, there is no guarantee that these lenses are made to fit the eyes properly. Thus, this could damage the cornea of your eye, especially if you have a substantial degree of astigmatism. Again, DO be careful because you only have one set of eyes and they cannot be replaced!

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