Eyeko Saucy and Rain Nail Polish

Hey y'all!

I received a couple of nail polishes from Eyeko. I was super excited because this is a UK based brand & I already am in love with another of their products, the graffiti pen.

Overall, the polishes are great! I apply about 2-3 coats of polish because 1 coat isn't opaque enough for my taste. The consistency is just right, not too liquidy & not too thick. I've had bad experiences with other polishes like MAC (too thin) or China Glaze (too thick) so it was nice to use a polish that didn't aggravate me LOL! I do need to find a good base coat because I tend to get bumps on my nails after the polish dries :( Suggestion and recommendations are gladly welcome :)

You can find both the Saucy & Rain polishes here. Even though they are a UK based brand, they do sell worldwide! & the packaging of everything is just TOO cute!!!

Saucy Polish

Rain Polish
I added glitter to it because I'm not really a fan of pastel blue... I think it came out pretty :)


P.S. These polishes were provided by Eyeko. I always share my honest opinions about a product, whether sent to my or bought by me. I would not show y'all a product that I didn't think deserved a review, good or bad! :)


  1. Those polishes look gorgeous!
    I love China Glaze polishes and I don't find them thick. However, for other polishes, if they feel thick I add a few drops of nail polish thinner (not remover) and that fixes the problem.
    When your nails were drying, were you next to a fan or window with a draft? That usually causes polishes to bubble.
    Here's a few basecoats I like: Zoya Get Even Ridgefiller, Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator, or Barielle Camouflage (can be found at Marshalls for ~$4.)

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  4. i love eyeko i use their pen eyeliner :)love your blog :)

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    its noway near as good as yours but im new to all this blogging malarkey lol xx

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