Outfit: Fluttery & Nautical

Hey y'all!

First let me just say hallelujah for having my computer back & working properly! I was besieged by viruses & malware.... dang porn sites.... *I joke I joke!* Thankfully, my IT guy at work was able to clean my computer for me... otherwise I was about to pay a couple hundred dollars (that I'd rather hold onto mind you) to Geek Squad. Anyways, lessoned learned. I think I deserved them since I was snooping into Mike's past again... and the universe interceded & taught me a lesson! I also bought an external hard drive. I almost cried over the thought of losing a few years of pictures and memories!

Anyways... I digress..

I've done a little shopping over the past month or so. This video describes a few things I bought that I put together in an outfit.

Top - Yuna's Closet, Shorts - Lulus, Nude Slingbacks - Asos

Hehe... dorkie moment :)

Model 21 Lashes

I was kindly sent a few boxes of Model 21 lashes to try out. This particular pair is their #11 lash. I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality. Their lashes are made from human hair & these particular pair are super soft feeling. The come in packages of 10 pairs. The #11 lashes remind me of MAC's #7 lashes.

I'm wearing just some liner on the top lashes.... no liner on my bottom lashes.

Sleek Palette

I recently did a swap haul with a nice girlie from the UK, CStarforth on YouTube. She sent me the Sleek Palette... I'll do a video soon. I'm also wearing a lippie from the UK... Loving it!

MAC Jade Dragon Nail Polish

I bought this polish online from MAC's Nail Trend F/W '10 product launch. I thought a bunch of the colors were super pretty, but decided to buy only one. I'm not a fan of the consistency at all. It's pretty goopie. But I could not say no to this particular color after seeing it on All Lacquered Up's blog. I wish I was better at painting my nails, but I save a lot of money doing it myself. I'm using this ridge filler from Orly that makes my nails white... so you can kinda see the basecoat underneath. Grrr! Overall, the color is just too dang pretty!

A Simple FOTD

This has been my regular face of the day recently. The weather has been soooo humid and nasty (not to mention the ridiculous amounts of flooding and tornadoes in the DFW area). I change up the blush and lippie sometime, but for the most part, this is it!

Missha BB Cream No 31
MAC MSF - Medium Plus
MAC Hipness Blush
MAC Brow Shader
Shiseido Mascara Base + Lasting Lift Mascara
UD Zero liner (tightline)
MAC Fresh Salmon l/s



  1. sleek palettes are awesome aren't they?

  2. Love the outfit of the day and your makeup is flawless! :)



  3. Ohh, the lashes pick up nicely in the pictures. :D

  4. Girl you are too pretty! Killer figure btw! I'm a HUUUUGE fan of Model 21 lashes. I buy them on Ebay for like $8 for 10 pairs! They are such great quality and inexpensive! LOVE it!

  5. The #11 lashes look AMAZING. Your eyes are so unique & beautiful Stephie. I've always admired them. You have so many crease folds! You know Asian women treasure & talk non-stop about naturally beautiful eyelids.

  6. Hahaha, I agree with Steph. The last pic without falsies or heavy liner especially shows how nice your lids are. I'm liking these fotds and that bright lipstick from the uk, especially!

  7. Great outfit, love the shorts and the shoes!


  8. i had to laugh at your honesty about the computer and why it was besieged. But you look beautiful! Not everyone can pull off those high waisted shorts! <3

  9. super cute outfit!! i love the shirt and the way the arm sleeves drape & the high waisted shorts. your makeup is really cute too...the lashes are just enough and not too dramatic.

  10. cuuuuuute first flirty white top! your fashion fits your body so well :D

  11. I ❤ your makeup looks....always so gorgeous. The outfit looks very feminine and classy =) Take Care❤❤❤❤