Product Review & Tutorial: John Frieda Root Awakening Line

Hey y'all!

I absolutely love this line from John Frieda, the Root Awakening line. I'll let the videos speak for themselves :)

Top from Forever 21

Product Review:

Fast, Sexy & Voluminous Hair!



  1. it looks amazing!!! john frieda really is a nice line for a drugstore brand =) great vids Stephie <3

  2. hello:
    I love your blog and even more of your youtube channel ... your videos are amazing ... I follow .. many kisses ..
    I invite you to my blog .. xox0

  3. I love your hair! So full and healthy. lol I've been on and off with this shampoo line. After watching your video I bought the leave in spray and it's aaaamazing like you said! Thanks for the review =)

  4. OMG! I watched your video and I rushed to purchase the John Frieda product. I LOVE IT. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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