I'm So Dirty!

Hey y'all!

A few weeks ago, I tweeted that I was going to be playing mud volleyball.... It was SOOOOO much fun! Needless to say, I got mud in places you wouldn't even want to have mud.... *sideways glance* but it was a fun experience to have! My university holds an annual tournament in the fall. This was my first time playing in it as well as my last opportunity since I graduate in December HALLELUJAH!

Just stepping into the volleyball "court" would instantly sink you in. I was having trouble getting unstuck!

The city water department was there all day long with a huge water hose. Spraying down muddy (and some drunk) college students. I'm sure they must have had such a fun day!

Post-war dirtiness LOL

FOBing out

The New Abode

Mike and I will be moving in less than 3 weeks & can't be more excited! We were able to see the new place after we signed our lease. It's a new property in a nice, urban neighborhood and no one has lived in our unit yet! Double bonus!

The kitchen. I love the big island & open concept. Granite topped counters... gorgeous! So much better than our itty bitty kitchen right now. In our current home, Mike and I can't cook or prepare a meal together at the same time. There just isn't enough space! It has lead to a few disgruntled attempts so we are super excited for the new kitchen!

The faucet attachment. Such an upgrade compared to our 1970's sink. I'm actually excited to wash dishes here! Haha... don't tell that to Mike though >_<

Great natural lighting in the living room.

The wall where our TV will probably go.

The doorway to the bathroom is straight ahead, washer/ dryer area to the left, and the bedroom is on the right.

Our bedroom. It was hard to get a good angle of the room.

The bathroom :]

Separate shower!!!

Garden tub!!! I see myself taking many a bath when we move <3 br="">

My side of the walk-in closet. Mike was so gracious, he instantly said it was my side while he took the smaller side <3 :="" a="" br="" good="" man="" such="">

Mikie's side :]

I wanted an over the threshold picture... not a great idea when it's on auto & I'm wearing a skirt, hence the hearts... LOL

Golf Outing

For those of you whose significant other is a golfer, you know my pain. Golf can consume some people! Mike's past time is video games & golf. I decided to take up golf because 1) it'll be good for business (lots of deals go down on the golf course... meeting outside the office if you will) 2) I get to spend time with Mike doing something he loves. He has his golf buddies but sometimes I tag along when the weather is nice enough. It's actually really fun! So ladies, if you can't beat them, join them!

By the way, I am selling the golf shoes in this picture. I have used them 4 times only. I will sell them for $22 which includes shipping. They are in a size 7.5 but fit like a 7. I thought they'd stretch out with wear but they haven't. I end up with pinched toes :[

I've only golfed a handful of times. But I do try :]

Face of the Night

We celebrated my friend Tawni's birthday at a Main Event... basically an arcade for adults :]

MAC Face & Body Foundation - N5
MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NC35
MAC MSF - Medium Plus
I forgot what blush I used :[

Sleek Palette - dark brown
MAC Engrave Powerpoint Pencil
Red Cherry Falsies #15
Shiseido Mascara Base & Lasting Lift Mascara
MAC Porcelaine/ Browning Brow Shader

MAC Love, Henri Lipstick

Me and the birthday girl!

Top from Asos (buy here)
Jeans from Express (buy here)

I don't drink often but when I do, my shot of choice is Patron :]

Mike is a wonder at the stuffed animal grabbing machine. He caught 2! So we gave one to Tawni, the cow is for Juicy hehe

We played some games, brought back some good memories from my childhood. I even beat Mike at a few rounds of basketball :]



  1. congrats on the new place....look beautiful and love the tub!!!

    the night outfit is super cute too. the white top is hot and i really like your hair and makeup.

  2. i'm SO jealous of your apartment! haha i wishes places weren't so expensive here in cali :( my boyfriend was telling me we'd have a really good sized place for what we pay here.. if only we were in houston.

  3. i'm in lurrveee with your new place, especially your kitchen! Paul and I need to find a place like that in LA that doesn't cost more than current mortgages haha. Lookin' good girl!

  4. The mud volleyball looked like fun but I never wanted to get mud "down there" haha. Glad you enjoyed yourself! The thing I regret is that I did not enjoy my last semester. Congrats on the new place! It looks fantastic! and major LOL at the threshold photo haha

  5. your place looks gorgeous! love the look, i like sticking to neutrals. =)

  6. Your new place is amazing, I'm jealous! Mike seems like a super sweety. The makeup looks great, as always.

  7. You look FABULOUS even all muddy! LOL! I'm sure Mike thought you looked hot! Heheh! OMG LUCKY! That apartment is gorgeous!!! Justin and I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and rent is nearly $2,000 a month. OMG I soo want your closet. HEhehe! Ohh moving in to a nice place, do I hear wedding bells?? HEheeh! I need to get on twitter so we can talk more often.

  8. @Ping: Thanks girlie! I love your blog. Btw, you totally remind me of my big sister so I <3 you even more LOL

    @Izumi: I can imagine! We're gonna be paying a little over $1000 for rent there but it's worth it since it's in a nice community & brand new. I can only imagine how expensive that would be in Cali! One reason I haven't moved back there :[ Come to Dallas!!!! :]

    @Jilliandanica: Thanks doll :] I love LA & wish I could move back but I know rent out there & cost of living is just ridiculous.

    @Stephanie: Haha yeah it was not the greatest to have mud there.... I was telling Mike I got mud in my crack & he was like "Babe, that isn't mud..." LOL whatever!! ;]

    @jvice2: Thanks hun! I'm loving neutrals too!

    @Jillian: Thank you! I am counting the days down til we move in!!! & Mike is a total sweetheart :]

    @April: LOL I love you!!! Yes you NEED to get a Twitter account, I've been meaning to tell you like 100 times. We're gonna be paying a little over $1000 for the new place.... and I thought that was a little overly expensive but $2000?!?! Oh how I love Cali, I wanna move back whenever I'm making some big mullah. & hopefully wedding bells... eventually ;]

  9. I haven't visited your blog in a while. I loved this post. You have a beautiful new place to move to. Mud volley ball? Wow. Glad things are going well for you and Mike.