Makeup Tutorial: Subtle Smokey Eyes (Kim Kardashian Inspired)

Hey y'all!

I posted on Twitter that I had recorded a Kim Kardashian inspired tutorial. Now that I'm a free woman, I was able to finally upload it! I like this look because it's subtle, yet it accentuates the eyes nicely!

*Top - gift from
*Nail polish - Coral Polish from Eyeko

*TEMPTU Foundation - 007 Natural
MAC MSF - Medium Plus
MAC Accentuate/Sculpt Powder
MAC Prism Blush

*Pandora's Box Primer
MAC Haux e/s - all over lid with 239 brush
MAC Handwritten e/s - crease with 224 brush & lower lash line with 219 brush
MAC Brule e/s - highlight brow bone
MAC Brow Duo - highlight inner corners
MAC Tempting e/s - all over lid with 239 brush
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
Shiseido Mascara Base & Lasting Lift Mascara
Red Cherry #15 lashes

MAC Half n Half Lipstick


*Products from TEMPTU, Eyeko & Pandora's Box were provided for review. My top was gifted from I am not being paid to use them or to show them in any videos. I only show products I like and use on a regular basis. These are my honest opinions. All other products were bought with my own money :]


  1. You look lovely Stephie! This makeup look was made for you :)

    Happy Holidays! <3

  2. Wow! You look beautiful! Your hair is AMAZING! Mike's a lucky guy!

  3. you're gorgeous! i love this look!

  4. Wow...gorgeous look! Love the subtle and natural eye makeup..

  5. I love this look. You look gorgeous and I love your hair. I am a big fan of KK. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. You look very pretty!

    I love the Red Cherry lashes. I'm going to buy the # 15 next time.

  7. I like this =). Ive been wondering what prism would look like on.

  8. This FOTD is very gorgeous. The hair, lips, and your eyes are STUNNING!

  9. I really like this look. I think it's simple and elegant. Plus it can be used for a day time or night time look.

  10. You are soo pretty! Mike is a lucky man! The lashes look amazing on you!!! :) I love the entire look!

  11. Love the look on you, so gorgeous and the blush looks beautiful. I have the same color. Congrats on being a free woman!!! I know it feels good, I have two more semesters left in school and I'll be free too!!! yay!!

  12. Stephie!, loved your hair and makeup...Looking through your blog I must say you have amazing legs!. Any tips on how to get legs like yours? :)...btw, how tall are you?

  13. stephie! i have so many makeup i don't use too, i want to sell it like u did, but i don't know where. :*( do u have any suggestions?

  14. Love it sis! You look amazing! I love the warmth of this look and loving your hair! Happy holidays to you, Mike, and your family!

  15. Hey ! I love this look ! I wish I had bigger creases like yours though ): You look gorgeous as always !

    btw: You forgot to put "Carbon" as one of the items used (:

    Have a great day ! <3

  16. Hey babe!

    Thanks so much for this and all your other tutorials. It is really appreciated by noobies like me!

    Anyway I watched one of your Q and A videos and you said your favourite MAC eyeshadow was All That Glitters so I went out and bought it. But I dont think you've actually done any looks with it even though it's your fave?

    Can you pretty please do a look with All That Glitters please please please!

    Thankssssss <3

  17. I like this look a lot. You look very elegant and sweet! <3
    Hope to see more pretty looks!


  18. you have a very pretty face, i'm a little jealous lol ! :)