What I'm Wearing #10: Fall Style With OTK Boots

Hey y'all!

I tweeted a while back that I was interested in this pair of OTK boots. It was during the Nordies Semi-Annual sale so I got them for around $109 compared to their retail price of $149.

I have been wanting a pair of OTK boots for quite a while. I tried a couple of pairs from Forever 21 but both were returned immediately. They were either too slouchy or the bottom of it looked just plain weird. I tried out a pair from Lulu*s as well and returned it. Ever since Pam featured her flat OTK boots from Bakers, I've been lemming over them!!!

I'm very happy with my purchase. I have pretty meaty/muscular calves (thank you jr high volleyball coach for all those suicides and lunges we did) and they fit just right on my legs. I measured the thickest part of my calf which was about 13.5 inches. I've tried some OTK boots in the store that were so tight, Mikie had to help pry them off my leg -_-

These boots are roomy enough for jeans as well but not so roomy that they just sag. There's a bit of slouching in the ankle, but I don't mind it. I've looked at other pictures of people wearing OTK boots and that seems to be the way to boot is structured. Overall, I'm satisfied for now.

(Can y'all tell I overindulged during Thanksgiving? *sigh* Extra workout time, here I come!)

Gray top - Forever 21 (buy similar)
Jean leggings - Forever 21 (buy similar)
DV by Dolce Vita Ethel OTK Boots - Nordstroms (buy here)



  1. very cute! i love off the shoulder shirts!

  2. ok for sure your looking like a bad bitch with that outfit! I love it!!!your always styling!

  3. oOOH I love the whole "shop similar" link. I always see cute stuff on blogs, but don't know where to find it. Even if they name the store....Love the outfit!

  4. They look like they fit nicely around your calves and thighs! Great find...I remember your tweet way back during the sale and am glad these worked out.

    And no silly we can NOT tell you "overindulged" during thanksgiving lol. I love your figure : )

  5. oh i don't know how i missed this post earlier! i've been waiting to see how these otk boots worked out for you and they look great!! it does look like it has the perfect amount of space in the this area and they're the perfect height too right over your knee. great buy!

    and i can't tell at all that you overindulged over Thanksgiving. you have an amazing figure!