Hey y'all!

Long time no blog! How are y’all doing? I’ve missed y’all so much!

For me, I am finally calming down. I graduated college in December and started my career with one of the Big 4 accounting firms. Basically what I do for a living is ensure that the financial statements and information that companies release are properly reflecting their financial position (aka external auditor). So when I started with the firm, it was during our busy season. Needless to say, it’s been a hectic season. I spend about 6-7 weeks traveling to New Mexico for a client. I got to fly home most weekends except for the last to weekends where I had to stay out there for 15 days. It was definitely a learning experience. I basically lived out of my suitcase for a month and a half. It was so surreal to come home. Home is where the heart is :)

I graduated! I am wearing my Kim K inspired makeup look.

My huge family!

My sister, Ashley, and me. In case y’all didn’t know, I have a sister. She’s 11 months older than me. 10 days out of the year, we’re the “same” age. She lives back in LA with her hubby. I hadn’t seen her in nearly 2 years!

Good times with my family. Playing Cranium! So fun!

NYE 2011!

Mike and me in our new but used Honda S2000! He’s been wanting that car for quite a while, so when we got a nice refund from taxes, we helped us it for our down payment. I have to admit, it kinda broke my heart to part with the money. I was hoping to save some, indulge a little, buy more work clothes, etc. But it was worth it. Only thing is when we go out, he wants the top down but HELLO! My hair! & falsies! Haha, y’all understand right?

Out for dinner for a friend’s birthday. I really liked the makeup I put on that night.

A better view of our car.

Excited to be home :)

A couple things I'm planning in life and professionally:
- Preparing to take the CPA exam. For any of y'all who have taken the CPA exam, any suggestions for someone just starting out?
- Dental insurance! I'm so excited. I'm in the search for a good orthodontist. I have a consultation later this week for Invisalign. I'm really hoping I can get them rather than metal braces!

I’m taking some PTO tomorrow and Friday, so I am going to film a video or two. Any

I'll be "seeing" y'all more :)