Where Have I Been?

Hey y'all!

Long time no blog! How are y’all doing? I’ve missed y’all so much!

For me, I am finally calming down. I graduated college in December and started my career with one of the Big 4 accounting firms. Basically what I do for a living is ensure that the financial statements and information that companies release are properly reflecting their financial position (aka external auditor). So when I started with the firm, it was during our busy season. Needless to say, it’s been a hectic season. I spend about 6-7 weeks traveling to New Mexico for a client. I got to fly home most weekends except for the last to weekends where I had to stay out there for 15 days. It was definitely a learning experience. I basically lived out of my suitcase for a month and a half. It was so surreal to come home. Home is where the heart is :)

I graduated! I am wearing my Kim K inspired makeup look.

My huge family!

My sister, Ashley, and me. In case y’all didn’t know, I have a sister. She’s 11 months older than me. 10 days out of the year, we’re the “same” age. She lives back in LA with her hubby. I hadn’t seen her in nearly 2 years!

Good times with my family. Playing Cranium! So fun!

NYE 2011!

Mike and me in our new but used Honda S2000! He’s been wanting that car for quite a while, so when we got a nice refund from taxes, we helped us it for our down payment. I have to admit, it kinda broke my heart to part with the money. I was hoping to save some, indulge a little, buy more work clothes, etc. But it was worth it. Only thing is when we go out, he wants the top down but HELLO! My hair! & falsies! Haha, y’all understand right?

Out for dinner for a friend’s birthday. I really liked the makeup I put on that night.

A better view of our car.

Excited to be home :)

A couple things I'm planning in life and professionally:
- Preparing to take the CPA exam. For any of y'all who have taken the CPA exam, any suggestions for someone just starting out?
- Dental insurance! I'm so excited. I'm in the search for a good orthodontist. I have a consultation later this week for Invisalign. I'm really hoping I can get them rather than metal braces!

I’m taking some PTO tomorrow and Friday, so I am going to film a video or two. Any

I'll be "seeing" y'all more :)



  1. congrats on all of your accomplishments! You're Kim K look was flawless :)

  2. Congrats on everything! Good luck on your CPA exam :) Your makeup looks fabulous in all the pictures.

  3. Congrats!!

    Not to put other youtube guru's down, but I'm happy to know there's a guru who isn't dependent on youtube to make a living.

  4. Congratulations on graduating, the new job, and the new car! It's good to have you back.

  5. Congrats on graduating and starting with the Big 4! Isn't riding around in the s2k fun? Are you gonna learn how to drive it? My bf has a yellow one and I've had the chance to drive it around a couple of times (in the parking lot. hehe)

  6. Congrats! A lot of my college friends went to KPMG after graduating and had to live out of suitcases too. It's exciting to start your career though!

  7. Congrats on graduating, love your new car!

  8. Congrats girly, I am so excited for you and whoever your orthodontist will happen to be lol :D You must be so proud of all that you have accomplished at such an early stage of your life :D You are such a beautiful person inside and out and of course such an inspiration to me. :D

  9. Congrats on graduating and everything! and good luck on your CPA exam:)

  10. ^_^ Best of luck on the CPA Exam! I'm so proud of you Stephie!!! <3

  11. Congratulations accountant! You are where I WILL be in a few months! Few more classes to go. Not sure where you're working but everyone here works at D&T, but I've got my eyes on PWC.
    Enjoy! Dreading CPA exam.

  12. Congrats!!
    You're such a great example. Hard works makes your dream comes true and im ao proud of you!! *hug, kisses*

    It's really cool to have a sister that's the same age hahaa when's your birthday?

    btw, you look so gorgeous! I love the outfit!

  13. congratulations on your accomplishments! I'm definitely looking to follow in your footsteps!

    you still look gorgeous as ever love.

    welcome back!

  14. congrats on graduating! your makeup looks FAB!

    and MY name is steph holler!

  15. welcome back! congrats on the graduation and the new car!

  16. Congratulations on your accomplishments!
    We've missed you!

    You and Mike look great together!

    That's soo cool about your sister and how you can be the same age for a couple days.


  17. Congratulations on graduating!!!

    My 2nd sister and I are exactly the same months and days apart as yours.

    Glad you and Mike are doing well!

  18. Yay I can not tell you how happy I am that you're back ! Congrats on all your accomplishments and it's awesome to see that your life is going so well (:

  19. Awesome....!Congratulations Steph..Good luck for your new career..God blessed.

  20. Congratulations!! You're so gorgeous btw.. I loved seeing all these photos hehe

  21. I love your cute teeth! I hope you don't change them too much! Your top teeth make you even cuter! (I'm not a creepy pervy guy, I'm a girl, married, pregnant <3)


  22. Congrats! You are an inspiration! Glad you're back!

  23. congratulations on graduating college! you and your sister are so pretty :] oh, and i feel ya on the whole "convertible" thing - boyfriend drives a convertible and ALWAYS wants the top down and the music blasting ... definitely on those windy days i HATE it lol

  24. Hi Stephie!

    I've been a long time fan of's about 2 1/2 years now..and I'm so happy for you for accomplishing so much at a young age! I'm sure that you'll do great with the CPA exam. I believe in you!

    I'm an aspiring Big 4 accountant and would love to pick your brain about a few things.

    I have a request for a video if you have any time (which I'm sure you don't have much of). I would really appreciate if you could do a video about corporate wear (fit/appropriateness) and corporate hair/makeup since you're in the field already.

    I've been considering cutting my hair because it's more "professional" but I see that you still have your long hair. It would be great if you could share how you wear your hair/makeup on a daily basis at the office.

    Anywhoo, congrats on your new career and loving bf! He seems very sweet.

    Thanks Stephie and lots of love!


  25. Congrats on graduating. I'm so jealous you are out of school now. I'm on my last semester in school and I can't wait to leave!

  26. Thank you all for such making me feel welcome again :)

    @Krystle: I am going to try to learn. He used to have a truck that was standard and I tried driving that in a parking lot a little... didn't go that great haha!

    @Diana: Aw thanks girlie! I'm excited to get the process rolling :)

    @SayAnthingBrooke: Yay I'm super excited for you :) Good luck on the last stretch of college!

    @C.Angie: My birthday is July 27 :)

    @Vivien: Thanks love <3 You'll be there soon enough! It's still a never-ending journey :)

    @TheLittleDustPrincess: I'm glad you enjoyed them :) I'll try to update more. I know I love looking at pics too hehe

    @Imogen: Haha thanks! Congratulations on having a baby soon :)

    @Anonymous: I am so thankful and blessed to have had a few readers for a long period of time, I really appreciate y'all :) I definitely will do videos on office appropriate looks/outfits. I'm still learning myself but it'll be a fun journey to share with y'all :)

    @Sophie: Aw I just have to be weird and say this but I LOVE your name! Haha I actually want to name my baby girl (whenever I decide to have kids that is) Sophie! LOL Anyways, congrats on graduating soon! Soak it up, I know you're excited now to leave college but I miss those days now!

  27. Stephie I am soo happy you blogged! I loved knowing what you've been up to! :) You look stunning! If you need any info on Invisalign you can ask me. I am in the process of straightening my teeth with Invisalign. :) I wear it in all my YouTube videos and I think most people can't tell except it causes a little bit of a lisp and speech impediment in the beginning. Missed you a ton! You are so special to me because you were one of the first friends I ever made on YouTube. :)

  28. woow you got a job with one of the big 4
    well done gyal :)

  29. Amber at
    had a ton of post on the CPA exam when she was studying for it. Hope this helps!

  30. wow, so many big things happening in your life!! best of luck on the CPA exam and Invisalign. I'm loving your updated skincare / makeup review video. that mask looks super cool!

    cute & little

  31. I swear this guy in a print IKEA ad looks just like your boyfriend!

  32. Welcome back! Good luck on your CPA exam- I know you will do great!!! :D

  33. hi, i didn't know that i'm subscribe to your blog, i just noticed it now. but i want to say congratulations! i am also eager to graduate next year and finally find a stable job, it's really frying me at home all day when i don't have anything to do and i feel like i can do so much more if only i can get a job like now lol.

  34. hi there -- just stumbled upon your blog by chance. Belated congrats on your graduation as well as on surviving your first busy season. I understand how tough and demanding the job can be as I am also in the same profession and am also at one of the Big4 (this coming busy season will be my 5th to be exact ;) ). For CPA, I would recommend cramming as fast as you can to get it done. It is harder to memorize things when you have loads of to do's waiting that are work related. Most of my friends also found cramming to work better than studying over a long period of time. Good luck to you on the exam as well as on the upcoming Q3/interim and busy season.

    Btw, which Big4 do you work for? I work for E&Y Phoenix. Phoenix and Texas is in the same area so if we are in the same firm, maybe we'll cross path one day :)