Review: FeatherYourself Feather Hair Extensions

I was approached by FeatherYourself to do a review over their do-it-yourself feather extensions.

I personally haven't liked the feather extension trend. It just isn't my style and it wouldn't be very professional for me to wear feathers in my hair. (This is just my own opinion)

However, I was really excited to try out the do-it-yourself feather extensions because I have friends who like feather extensions and will pay over $100 to get them put in at a salon.

I like that if you are on the fence on getting professional feather extensions, FeatherYourself gives you an affordable option to try feather extensions. Also, if you're like me, a young professional, and are unable to wear them on a daily basis but want feather extensions on the weekends, this would be a great option.

I found placing the extensions into my hair very simple. I followed this video and was able to apply the feather extensions after a few tries. The hardest part for me was pulling my hair through the microbead. I only wore it for a few hours and the extensions stayed in place.

Overall, I was impressed by the ease of application. If you've ever been interested in feather extensions but don't want to pay the hefty salon price, I would highly recommend giving FeatherYourself a try! Feathers, microbead and threading tool costs about $40.


  1. I love the contrast of the feather colors in your dark hair. :) I wasn't on the bandwagon with this trend either. Maybe if I was a few years younger (and less lazy!). lol :D

    How's the working life girl friend?! I'm so proud of you! <3

  2. I think it makes you look exotic and gorgeous!

  3. Thank you for the feather extension post. Like you, I think these extension wouldn't be professtion for everyday work and school but for a vacation to somewhere exotic I think it would be nice. I've seen this style on many celebs these days but have not attempted it myself. I am glad there is a cheaper alternative rather than paying big bucks for it at the salon. Thanks again!

    After reading others blog entries for so long I have attempted to start my own. Its kind of plain but would love if you stopped by and voice any opinions you had. Thanks!

  4. Aww that's so cute! I love the colour!

  5. I'm also not following the feather trend but I saw one of the girls I met recently have it and it was so cute! It looks good on you too, matches your lippie hehe:) x

  6. I think you look darling with feather extensions in! I also love teal in dark hair. Another option if you don't want to harm roosters is a hybrid synthetic feather extension that is actually much less expensive that real grizzly feathers but you can still wash, curl, dry, flat iron, etc. They come in 15 inch lengths, 10 colors, and the greatest parts is that roosters are rejoicing! Check LockStarz out at

  7. I'm not into feather extensions either. But I think the younger generations will like it.

  8. You looks so fierce with the feather extension. <3