Wedding Series: Bridal Shower DIYs & Peplum Dress Theme

Hi y'all!

Getting my bridal shower together was super hectic and since everything was a little last minute, I ended up doing a few DIY decorations. Thankfully Mike was helpful and we were able to get them done before the shower. 

I stuck to my wedding colors of gray, white and pink. First on my list was a "Miss To Mrs" banner. I originally saw this from Banner Cheer on Etsy but by the time I found it, it was too late to order it. So the next best thing was to DIY it. For this DIY, I used the following (all purchased at Michaels):

* White poster board
* Pink glitter cardstock 
* Martha Stewart Brushed Pewter acrylic paint
* Sponge paint brushes
* Letter stencils
* String
* Glue gun

First thing we did was cut out 11 square pieces of white poster board. We used the stencil size as a guide on the size of each square. Next, we painted onto each square a letter until we spelled out "Miss To Mrs". It was so hard to keep the paint from seeping under the stencil but it turned out fine. We then drew 2 hearts on the back side of the glitter paper and cut them out. We glued the hearts to a piece of poster board. Using a hole puncher, we made 2 holes on the top of each square and ran string through the holes.... and that was it! Super easy and it didn't cost more than $20 (already had a glue gun). 

Then we made some paper tassels & a glitter heart canvases inspired by the Simple Swan (one of my favorite bloggers). I found a pin for paper tassels. All in all, I liked the decorations and even have the glitter hearts and paper tassels still around my house. Super inexpensive yet super cute!

As for my dress, I stuck to my peplum theme. This dress I bought on ShopSosie which is one of my favorite online boutiques. The sash I purchased from My Everyday Design on Etsy.

And since I won't be making a separate post on my bachelorette, the dress I wore was also peplum. I bought it from Nasty Gal a while back and was glad to have a reason to wear it!

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