DIY: Striped Wreath With Glitter Letters

Hi y'all!

You may or may not know but I have a slight obsession with stripes, glitter and bows.... so obviously when I saw this pin by the Crafted Sparrow, I knew this was a must do. I wanted to use this wreath as a decor piece throughout the year so I used my last name instead of Boo. 

All the products I used were purchased at Michaels except for the black cloth for the bow which I bought at Walmart. 

Products Used:
- Black cotton cloth (for the bow)

  1. Begin wrapping the ribbon by first pinning one loose end to the back of the foam wreath. Make sure to keep the ribbon fairly tight. I tried to wrap my ribbon so that the stripes would overlap one another to keep it looking somewhat in sync throughout.
  2. Pin at about 1 inch intervals as you make your way around the foam wreath. I chose to pin it for convenience sake but you could glue gun this if you desired.
  3. Once you're done completely wrapping the wreath, take about a 12" piece of ribbon (or shorter depending on where you're hanging it) and loop it around the top of the wreath to create a hanging piece.
  4. I created the fabric bow using this post. I had a really hard time making the bow even. It's still not 100% even but I am happy with it as it is.... I may try to make another one later on but for now I'm a-ok with it! I used a pin to adhere it to the wreath so that I can switch it out later. I chose to use a black piece of cloth for the middle of the bow but my bestie chose to do hers in white.
  5. Coat each letter with paint. I really don't think it matters what color paint you use, I just had leftover gray paint from my wedding DIYs. Once the paint drys, use the glitter spray paint to coat each letter. Let this dry, then use the clear coat to seal in the glitter so it's not flying everywhere once you hang it up. Mike did the spray painting... I'm not good at getting an even coat and he's amazing at it (seriously he is).
  6. Glue gun the letters to the wreath. My letters are a tiny bit off from what I wanted but I'm not the most crafty person so I feel pretty good about my results!
  7. Hang and enjoy the prettiness!
My best friend and I end up doing crafts or some other girlie activity on football Sundays while the guys watch football or play their video games (all three of them hook up their gaming consoles to 3 different rooms in my house... obviously no filming can be done with them screaming in the background). It's a fun time though :)

I hope y'all enjoyed my little craft project!

With Love,

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