Fall/Winter Makeup Tutorial: Deep Berry Lips + Holiday Outfit

Hi y'all! 

The tutorial I'm sharing today I originally wore (quickly thrown together) in my Fixing 2nd Day Hair video. 

I was playing around with the look again a couple weeks ago, using scotch tape to give me a clean edge which I shared on my Instagram. My bestie and I were playing around on Football Sunday (i.e. guys playing video games and watching football at my house) and she took a few pictures of me in my Forever 21 dress. I think this might just be a look I wear during the holidays!

In my tutorial, I decided not to use scotch tape so you can see how it looks either way.... the lips are the focal point so it really is up to you!

Products Used:

MAC Tete a Tint E/S (limited edition, dupe is Bamboo)
MAC Cosmic E/S (limited edition)

I hope y'all enjoyed!

With Love,

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