Hair Tutorial: Fixing 2nd Day Hair in 15 Minutes or Less

Hi y'all!

Today I'm sharing my "in a rush but need some body" hair tutorial or in other words, my "15 minutes or less" tutorial.

I normally use a Hot Tools 1 1/2" curling iron but by the end of the day, only my ends are not stick straight but the rest of my hair has straightened out. A few weeks ago I was sent the NuMe Lustrum Wand Set to try out and I was impressed with how long the body and waves lasted in my hair compared to the Hot Tools iron. I used the 32mm barrel. Also featured is the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish Spray. I ended up returning it, I didn't like how it made my hair feel so substitute with hairspray.

In the tutorial, I'm showing how I achieve the look on 2nd day hair but I do this style on freshly washed hair as well. I am always in such a rush in the morning and when I want to look put together but not spend a ton of time on my hair, this is my go to routine. Obviously for a special occasion I'd spend more time on my hair but for my everyday corporate job, this is get it done & get out the door!

Here's how my hair looks using the Hot Tools curling iron. While I achieve the same style, my waves and body tend to fall out in a few hours leaving just the ends curled.

Here I used my Nume Lustrum curling wand on freshly washed hair. The curls lasted most of the day. By the end of the day, they did fall out but I still had waves in my hair rather than just the ends.

Here is my before look. I styled my hair on 2nd day hair.

Here is the finished look. On my lips is MAC Dark Side lipstick and Nightmoth lip liner.

Disclaimer: The NuMe Lustrum Wand Set was sent to me from NuMe. I was not paid to blog orYouTube about the wand set. I wanted to share my experience with y'all.

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