One Cool Cat + My New Favorite Purse!

Hi y'all!

My style has a lot to do with comfort. I like clothes that look good on my frame and that's comfortable. I guess I'd call it casual chic... comfy chic?

I spotted this shirt at Loft and was immediately in love with the cool tone of this leopard print. It was just different from any leopard print I have and I love that it's a tee! This is a terry cloth tee so it's super soft as well, kind of feels like a towel but a soft towel (if that makes sense). I didn't think I'd like it but have been reaching for it for work and for play. I bought it on sale at LOFT. Unfortunately, it's no longer in stock so I can't link it for you.

Mike and I were headed out to the State Fair of Texas and he insisted I wear "comfortable" shoes. He knows me well and I normally where cute shoes that aren't necessarily walking for long periods shoes. I was never a huge fan of TOMS but I ended up buying a pair earlier this year to try them out. They are super comfortable and with the right pieces, I actually like it's laid back style. I purchased them in my normal size and they feel a tad too big, they definitely loosened with wear. I'll purchase my next pair in a half size smaller.

To complete my outfit, I donned my new favorite purse, all black Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody. It's a tad bigger than I expected but it's still just big enough to carry my essentials.... I'll be reviewing it very soon for my ladies who requested it, so keep an eye out!

Hair was styled using my NuMe Lustrum curling wand, the same style as in my latest video.

Makeup is my usual routine.I recently started using a different foundation from what I'm wearing here, so I'll probably do an updated look if y'all are interested, let me know if you are!

And I just had to throw in a picture with my hubby since I love his face :)

Have a great weekend my loves!

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