DIY: Chevron Christmas Tree Bow Topper

Hi y'all!

Over the past few years, I've been using a bow topper for our Christmas tree that we bought from Garden Ridge. I love it, it's silvery and glittery but one weekend, Mike & I went to Decorator's Warehouse which is a Christmas superstore in the DFW area. This must have been in late October and the moment you walk in, you are transported in Christmas time. Mike's favorite holiday is Christmas (I guess it's mine too.... although it's a tie with Thanksgiving), so he was in heaven.

We came across some chevron burlap ribbon and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. Our Christmas tree normally has a silver/white/ice blue theme but I thought it would be fun to switch things up. After researching how to make a bow topper on Pinterest and YouTube, I took the basic technique and made something that fit my own style.

You know me, love me some bows and chevron (and stripes and glitter.... I'm getting away from my original train of thought....). I wanted a bow that was chic and not too done up. I definitely achieved my goal and it was super easy to do. So here I am, sharing this quick DIY so that in future years, I'll remember how to make it & maybe it'll help anyone else looking for a similar bow topper :)

What You'll Need:
Chevron Burlap Ribbon (or whatever ribbon you choose, I suggest using one with wiring on the edges)
Wire Tie (I stole this off one of the smaller bows on the tree)

Our old bow topper:

Our new bow topper:

I like how the Christmas tree now feels like a present. I think Juicy approves of the bow topper teehee :) I hope this helps anyone else out there who wants a cute bow topper!

With Love,

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