Work Wear #05

Hi y'all,

Yesterday I got my eyebrows waxed from a lady I've been going to a few times now and the skin beneath my brow got SUPER irritated/burned/waxed off. It's never happened before, it still stings and it's been a day later :( I'm so sad because I wanted to play with some makeup but I don't want to put any makeup on top of it. Grrrrrr............ anywho.....

I've been a teensy bit behind on my weekly outfit pictures. I really haven't been super busy with work in December so I have been working from home.... and not dressing up. The perks of public accounting! I did end up doing a few inventories one week. I haven't done inventories in nearly 4 years. I had availability and didn't mind it. I got to go up in a lift and get harnessed in so that was a fun experience!

The pictures I'm sharing are from late November. The weather was just starting to cool down so I started opting for pants and cozy sweaters. It takes me a while to get "used" to cold weather, it makes it SO much harder to get up in the morning so I literally just roll into something!! Here are some of my lazy day, work outfits hahaha



LOFT Heart Sweater (old) | LOFT Pants | Chanel Flats | MAC Bronzilla Lipstick (LE)

I used to LOVE this lipstick back in the day. It's a frost and I guess my tastes have changed because I really did not like it. It doesn't look so bad from far away but up close, the little glitter/shimmer settled into my lip lines, not cute. I ended up rubbing it off right after taking the pic. Oh the joys of growing up and preferences changing :) Btw, the sweater has a silvery tone to it (if you flip it inside out) which reflected the flash. Strange how I picked a lipstick and sweater that had the same reflective quality.

Forever 21 Sweater (old) | Caslon Sweater (currently my FAVE) | Express Jeans (similar) | Chanel Flats

JCrew Shirt (similar) | Express Jeans (similar) | Steve Madden Booties (similar) | MAC Spirit Lipstick

Mike's work had a holiday party that was western themed. Yes, I'm from Texas (originally from LA but I've lived in TX most of my life), I say y'all a lot & I connect more with TX than LA (southern hospitality y'all) but that doesn't mean I own a pair of cowboy boots and I go to the honky tonk all the time. I used to have a pair of boots from Urban Outfitters but I gave them to a (then) friend. I wasn't going to spend money on anything I'd only wear one night so this is my rendition of western/country. 

Mike borrowed the boots and hat from a friend so we had to have a little fun with it :)

With Love,

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