A New Year: My Resolutions & NYE Party

Happy New Year y'all!!!

This year has been super eventful and awesome. So many great things happened as well as some not great things but they only helped strengthen my character.... I've been thinking about some New Years resolutions and overall I just want to live a more healthy and positive life. What better way to solidify these resolutions than to write it down & share with my friends :)

1. Be more positive and thankful. Even in stressful or negative situations, I am going to make a positive spin out of it, even if it's just learning and growing from it. I am going to be more thankful for what I have... not to say that I'm not already but even more thankful (always room for improvement)! It really is just switching my mindset to be more positive. This way I can let little things slide right off, not get stuck on negative things for so long.... especially when it relates to someone else because that's their issue, not mine. As far as being thankful, I just need to remind myself that my work does not define me and that I am thankful to have a good job. I get paid well, am in a field that is in high demand and I genuinely enjoy some of what I do. I know there are people out there who would be happy to have the opportunities that have come my way so I just need to remember to be thankful.

Also, I am going to distance myself from negative or toxic people. I've done that more this past year which really has made my life so much better and less stressful. I believe in quality over quantity so if you have someone in your life (whether it be "friend" or acquaintance) who is negative or brings you down, seriously consider distancing yourself. It boggles my mind on why some people, girls in my experience (yes, girls because real ladies/ women don't act this way), are just catty, rude & toxic. I refuse to waste my time figuring them out so gonna keep it moving ;) Surround yourself with people who are uplifting, encouraging and positive. Ok, getting off my soap box now.....

2. Be more mindful of what I purchase, No Spend busy season & treat-myself money. I will focus more on long term goals (like saving for my Ikea closet & Audi Q3) rather than spend money on frivolous things. I will only purchase necessities during busy season (my own version of "No Spend".... that means from now until the end of May, I won't be spending money on random items, only necessities). I think I'll treat myself to stress relief though, maybe at most once a month like a pedicure or massage, definitely need that during busy season! This way I can save as much money and not live a wasteful life. Especially being back in the beauty community, there are always things that I want but don't need. I REALLY do not want to be sucked back into that kind of lifestyle, especially because it's just my hobby.... I like having a smaller makeup stash. I'm not into collecting makeup again & am more mindful about the beauty products I purchase. I filmed a beauty room tour and have a small makeup stash peak, you'll see that I really don't have a ton of makeup anymore.

However, I did purchase a few beauty items and clothes on sales this past week... so many good sales!!! But that's it, no more from now until the end of May unless I run out (like foundation). I can exchange things though with stuff I've already bought (gotta be realistic). As far as clothes go, I'm pretty much set. I bought some basic pieces, like pants and skirts. I have plenty of clothing and really don't need any more.

Anyways, after my No Spend busy season is up, I will look at my budget and give myself only a certain amount to use on treat-myself occasions. I'm thinking probably around $100 a paycheck maybe. We'll see... I'll have to figure that out after May.

3. Lead a healthier lifestyle by exercising and eating right. I will exercise at least three times a week for 30 minutes (I don't exercise at all right now, it's been months which is awful). I think that's super doable, especially because I plan to do work outs at home since I really won't have time to go to the gym (and don't want to pay for a membership I won't use) and I have no excuse when I get home. I've been doing yoga along with Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. Thankfully, since I started working out heavily before my wedding, I know some moves I can do at home and of course, there's always YouTube and Instagram fitness pages.

I will make food to eat at home rather than eating out. I think I will try to limit eating out to 3 times a week and if I do end up getting something on the way home, I will be mindful of what I purchase. Like limiting McDonald's to at most twice a month, if that. It's so hard to find healthy options, I like to pretend that eating soft tacos aren't as bad, I think it's better than McDonald's lol.... But really I need to start cooking more at home and bringing my lunch to work. I already am thinking about some ideas for food, more than just sandwiches. I am planning on doing some meal preps like making grilled chicken and rice with vegetables and green onion/ ginger sauce because I can eat that with anything. 

4. Bring more balance in my life. I want my life to be more than just work and making money. Which is why I'm more involved on my YouTube and blog. I feel like work can suck the energy and life out of me at times. By doing something creative and something that I really enjoy makes me feel happier. My goal is to post a video weekly but during busy season, I just don't know what my schedule will be like.... so for busy season, my goal will be to post a video at least twice monthly (until May) and afterwards, resume a video weekly at least. Have y'all noticed that the past month or so I've been posting twice a week? :) I am stock piling a few videos the rest of this week so I give myself a successful start haha

For blogging, I will at least post an entry once a week because I do plan on doing my weekly outfits. That way I'm inspired to keep looking my best when sometimes all I wanna do is roll out of bed and get to work.

Also, continue to go to church or be involved in my religion to continue improving myself so that I'm a better person, wife, daughter, friend... just an even better human being :)

5. Follow my financial plan. This ties into 2 above but to elaborate on it, I make a little budget each month (what, it's the accountant in me) to track our bills and see how much we have left each month. Basically, I have a specific financial plan that gets us to a really good financial position in about 3 years. Not going to go into detail but just for myself, stick with it!!! I can do this :)

6. Last but not least, I am going to be doing the 52 Week Money Challenge that's on Pinterest (which you can save $1,378). My best friend and I are starting it together, so if any of y'all wanna do it together, let me know! We can be each other's support system :) I really need to start focusing on saving and want to make a better habit of it now because when I start making even more money (which I will in a few years, I have a specific goal & know I can attain it... i.e. at least 6 figures by 30), I want it to be second nature rather than just spending whatever extra I have. I'll admit it, I have not been that great with saving money. We had a nice nest egg saved up but with buying our house, the wedding and other stuff, it's not as beefy as it used to be. So at least I can start this challenge and it's super doable. Mike is also going to do it with me so at least it's a start! I already have weeks 1 - 3 covered, $5 in my jar!!! Hahaha starting off with success!!!

Anyways, those are my resolutions. Now to share our New Years Eve party... silly me, I waited until December 31st to work on our party but that's ok. I'm still getting used to hosting parties and such and it'll get even better over time. We set up a photobooth so we could take fun pictures. I wanted to use some sparkly tinsel but literally had such a hard time finding it. Instead, I went the streamer route, added in a few pieces of sparkly ribbon and added some letters. Overall, with it being last minute, I think it came out good. I followed this pin on making the photobooth backdrop, used my paper cutter to make the little squares and bought the letters from Hobby Lobby. I wanted to make it a banner but the hubby wanted it this way instead. He thought the banner would be covered by some people, which I don't think it would have now that we look back on the pictures, but that's marriage for you. Compromise :) Either way, it came out nice. Next year, I'll make it with the sparkly backdrop & use solid letters rather than the glitter ones.

I ended up switching up my makeup. I liked what I came up with (didn't take a closer up picture, I was rushing around beforehand unfortunately, then forgot once the night went on). I used the Anastasia Tamanna palette, MAC Verve & Red Cherry #138 lashes. I really love these lashes, they were super long & full. I've used them in the past, so definitely stocking up on these!!!

This picture is the best to show the letters I used. The others washed it out. Anyways, what better way than to do a test shot with my love <3 div="">

Hahaha Juicy is wearing the hat that was on Pedro... if you wanna know about Pedro, check my Instagram hahaha

My hermana, Myra, and I. Random but doesn't she have the most gorgeous teeth?! Btw, she has some of the best tips on finding stylish & affordable home decor/ clothes so do yourself a favor and follow her on Instagram! She needs to start her own blog or YouTube (or both)... her bf and I have been telling her to, so hopefully that will happen soon!!

My love & I. I'm wearing the Forever 21 dress & Louboutins. Mike is wearing a Lacoste polo, Lacoste shoes & jeans. On a side note, I LOVE these Lacoste sneakers. Mike has them in both black and white... love! Btw, they're currently on sale so if you ladies wanna spoil your men, I highly recommend them! I like the polos, they're just a pain in the rear to wash.... you can't put them in the dryer otherwise it'll shrink and they're too expensive to shrink grrrrrrrrrrrr.

We won beer (Framboise) pong 3 out of 4 times!!! Wooooot!!!! Reigning champs.... our other halves unseated us after their second attempt.

Anyways, I hope y'all had a great New Year! What are your resolutions? :)

With Love,

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