Golden Everyday Makeup Tutorial (Work Appropriate)

I have been using my Anastasia Contour Kit as base colors in my eye makeup. I only use a couple of the powder for contouring/highlighting my face & was on the brink of returning it. I think I'll keep it but probably won't end up repurchasing.

Since filming this tutorial, I have returned the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel. I purchased it right before my no spend period all due to the hype. The fragrance in this product was so overwhelming & clung to my face all day. I think it gave me a nice bronzed finish but it's not cheap so back it went.

I have been loving this makeup for an everyday work look. I feel put together and bright eyed. Plus, it's quick & easy, just what I like. I can't even express how easy an everyday makeup look is with long lashes!!! Love my Revitalash! I need to do an update for y'all though soon. I have this huge gap in my lashes BUT I'm not overly concerned. If you watched my review video, it happens but they always grow back.

Products Used:
Brows: Vincent Longo Bi-Brow Powder in Brunette
Brow bone: Anastasia Contour Kit in Sand
Crease & lower lash line: Anastasia Contour Kit in Java
Lid: Smashbox On The Rocks Palette in Nutmeg
Highlight inner corners: LORAC Pocket Pro Palette in Nude
Mascara primer: Shisiedo Mascara Base (applied off camera)
Mascara: LORAC Pro Mascara (applied off camera)
Under eye powder: Anastasia Contour Kit in Banana
Blush: Cargo in Coral 
Highlight: Anastasia Contour Kit in Vanilla
Lipstick: MAC Verve


  1. your lashes are sooo long *_* I am so tempted to get that Revitalash!! What a beautiful look :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Lexi! I would highly recommend Revitalash!!!! Seriously makes any eye look like 10 times better lol Thank you for reading! XO