What's In My Work Bag: Henri Bendel Carlyle E/W Tote

There is just something about Henri Bendel's Carlyle collection that makes me fall in love. You know I have a deep love for my Carlyle Satchel and today I'm sharing what's in my Carlyle Tote. This is an E/W (east to west) tote meaning it's wide horizontally, compared to N/S which would be vertically long.

 I use the Carlyle Tote as my work bag and it sure can hold a bit of things. The quality of the leather & it's durability has been impressive. I was nervous to get a lighter colored bag, considering my disastrous Rebecca Minkoff MAC that was in a bone color. But the Carlyle Tote has held up well & the color is still true after a few months of use.

Items Mentioned:

Henri Bendel Carlyle Tote
(in Pink (dying over this), Cream & Mint)
Kikki K Planner (purchased on EBay)


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