I am truly thankful and appreciative for my readers and subscribers who have known me from the beginning. Not to say I'm not just as thankful and appreciative to my newer readers & subscribers, because I am. But for those who have followed along and shared in my journey from an innocent & [at times] naive college student to a young professional, I really have enjoyed sharing my journey and growth. I hope to continue to share with  y'all and for my newer readers to grow with y'all as well!

I hope this video helps provide insight on what I do for a living or answer questions about what all you can do with an accounting degree. I am here for y'all, whether as a friend or mentor to provide advice about anything! I know it's especially hard to know how to navigate through college and the beginning stages of your career. I have been lucky enough to have mentors along my journey and hope to be a resource for anyone out there looking for advice.

Thank you all again, seriously, I really do appreciate each and every one of you!  Whether you leave comments or just drop by to read, I know I have some loyal and encouraging supporters. Thank you for the positive vibes.... now before I get too sappy, I'll end this post here. Hope y'all are having a great weekend..... now back to watching the Matrix Trilogy ;)
I am seriously loving this eye makeup. I felt SO glam, the lashes definitely make a big impact. Speaking [writing?] of these lashes, while...