MAC Le Disko Collection: Dazzleshadows

This post makes me feel very nostalgic... like my old college self when MAC collections would first come out. At least now I'm a little more reasonable and don't go all out crazy, right?

When I heard about the Dazzleshadows, I knew I needed to get my hands on a few. I just cannot stay away from anything sparkly!! Everything else from the Le Disko collection I barely glanced over. I chose Say It Isn't So (described on MAC Cosmetics' website as dark gray with pink sparkles), Last Dance (peach beige with pink sparkles) and Can't Stop Don't Stop (deep plum purple with sparkles).

My favorite out of the three is Last Dance. It is a beautiful, rose gold shade that reminds me of Mythology which is one of my all time favorite MAC shadows. Each dazzleshadow costs $20 compared to $16 for the normal eyeshadows.

Each shadow can be applied dry or wet. Dry, they give off a sparkly wash of color. They become much more opaque, super sparkly and multidimensional if you wet them. Just beware, there will more likely than not be fall out.

Are they worth it? If you like sparkles, yes. If you like a duochrome finish, double yes. None of the shadows I picked up have the duo chrome finish but there were several that did, like a purple with blue reflects that was SUPER pretty and cool (I just could not see myself every using it, see, self-control comes with age.......). If I could recommend any it would be Last Dance for any other rose gold lovers out there.

They are limited edition so if you want any of them, I would highly recommend checking them out. Let me know if you want to see tutorials with any of these!

 Left - Dry | Right - Wet with Fix +
  Left - Dry | Right - Wet with Fix +
  Left - Dry | Right - Wet with Fix +

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