Samsung NX Mini Review

I am so sorry for the late post! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you would know I have been traveling for work for 2 weeks. It was super unexpected so it threw off my posting schedule. I have been really good at posting a video/blog post each week for a while now, so was disappointed in it throwing off my schedule.... such a creature of habit!

Btw, I joined Snapchat while I was on my work trip. Still getting used to using it but it's been fun! If you want to add me, my username is stephienese.

I have been searching for a reasonably priced point and shoot camera to take on the go. My old phone was the Samsung Note 3 (upgraded a couple weeks ago to an S6 which has a pretty awesome camera in good lighting). 

I was hesitant to buy the Samsung NX Mini over a Canon point and shoot but the flip up screen was just too tempting. I was looking for a compact camera that could take high quality photos and videos. 

- Flip out screen. [This is obviously a given.] 
- Great quality photos in most lighting situations. [In low light, make sure your hand is steady, otherwise the quality comes out a little blurry.]
- Autofocuses during video recording & you can touch screen to focus on an object.
- Connectivity to a phone with its built-in WiFi. [Can upload straight to Facebook, Dropbox or send via email but you need an actual WiFi connection for this.]
- Clear and high definition video quality.
- Touchscreen.

- Lens does not retract into body and have to purchase lenses separately if you want a prime lens vs a zoom lens. [Zoom lens is a manual zoom, like on a DSLR]
- Microphone is located at the top of the camera & can be slightly blocked by when the flip up screen is up. [There is still space between the screen and microphone so it's no totally blocked, sound quality is still good.]
- This past weekend, I used the camera at my friend's engagement party. Did some dancing with it in my hand, not sure if that was to blame. In any case, when I went to take pictures with it afterwards, the camera wouldn't work saying "Error 00". I was devastated!!!! Mike did some research and I took the lens off and the micro SD card out but when I turned it back on afterwards, it didn't work. A couple hours later when we got home, I tried the camera again and it suddenly worked fine. Not sure what all happened with it. I'm glad it's working normally now but that was scary!

Overall, I'm super happy with this purchase. I purchased the camera with a 9mm lens from Amazon for just under $300.

Original picture - no editing

Cropped & increased brightness of original picture
Beauty face setting (default when you flip up screen)

Auto setting with no flash
Auto setting with flash

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  1. This cheap vlogging camera seems to be able to take good photos in dim light better than I can see with my own eyes