Vlog #01

It's interesting how as you grow older, your tastes change.

I remember when I started seeing vlogs go up on YouTube back in my college days. For some reason, I really wasn't interested in watching them or filming them. Over the past year of returning to YouTube (and watching because I didn't even watch YouTube for a couple of years at the Big 4), I really find vlogs to be my favorite kind of video. I even like just vlogs of people talking about their day while they drive or are around the house.

Since I bought the Samsung NX Mini, I started to take little clips here and there, thinking I'd put it up on a vlog. This particular footage is from about a month ago. I personally enjoyed looking back at it, like a diary entry (like personal log on Star Trek #trekkie). For me, it was fun to share my thoughts and concerns. I hope you will enjoy it and get to know me a bit more. I don't wear makeup if I'm just at home working or running errands, I talk to Juicy in a baby voice, take her to appointments and complain about random things..... that's just me :)


  1. I haven't been making videos/posting as much these days, but I definitely make time to keep up with others because it's so relaxing and fun to me. I really enjoyed watching your vlog and I can see the appeal of capturing moments on video! Since becoming a mom, I take waaaayyyy more pics and video clips and I love it ^_^ lol, I just realized something, gotta email you. And then I have to stop stalling for real.

    1. I can only imagine when I become a human baby mother, I will probably not be able to keep my camera down hahaha.... I am so glad you enjoyed the vlog and GIRRRRRLLLLL!!! I read your email and I cannot express how excited/happy/proud I am of you! This is going to be so awesome for you and your family and I am so humbled you shared it with me. So thank you for that... and thanks for watching my vlog during your down time, it means a lot :)