Dressing Room Update - August 2015

As Carrie Bradshaw said, I like my money right where I can see it..... hanging in my closet. The hubby and I started getting my dressing room/ walk in closet together earlier this summer and thought I'd share our progress :) This has been a dream in the making! We built our house in January 2013 and it's taken me this long to get started. I'm really REALLY picky so it's a miracle that I was able to make up my mind on what I wanted.

I started by getting inspiration on Pinterest (obvi) and from the moment I saw Mai's dressing room, I knew our house had to have a room for me to use. Mai is one of my most favorite bloggers, I miss her blogs and photos, always such an inspiration!

My original plan was to buy a bunch of the Ikea Pax system pieces and build my closet and hanging space with this. Once I started crunching numbers for what I wanted, it soon became more than I wanted to spend... and all that customization costs to add, I just couldn't deal.

Source: Pinterest

Then I came across Jenn on YouTube and her FABULOUS closet which gave me the inspiration to go this route. It was a lot more economical and I would still be able to see my pretty gray paint peeking through.

Source: In Jen's Life

The pink hanging contraption is a temporary fix. Mike made it for me using this pin a few years ago before we moved into our home. Since taking these pictures, we found what I was looking for so that will be an update to come real soon :) 

What You'll Need:
(4) IKEA BILLY Shelves - $40
Someone who can use a drill, stud finder & leveler - $Priceless

Dressing Room Progress: