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Summers in Texas last until late October (at least in my humble opinion). I don't know why I choose to live in Texas (actually I do but I digress) because I get so overheated very easily.

Summer outfits are typically skirts and dresses with breathable fabrics. I put together a few of my favorite outfits to wear, especially during the summer. I normally will throw on a cardigan or sweater at the office but left them out so you can see the bare bones of the outfit. I chose to make this video without a voiceover so I can write it all out instead of talking through... plus I am wearing my clear retainer 24/7 and I don't feel like lisping my way through #letsbehonest

Outfit #1
Marshalls Dress
BaubleBar Rose Gold Necklace | similar
Enzo Angiolini Bow Pumps | similar

I really haven't shopped at Marshalls but was intrigued after one of my YouTube besties kept talking about how fab it was... I am so glad (my wallet not really) that she shared about it because there are some really chic pieces for a super affordable price. This dress was only $20. I love the blush lace fabric and layered top. It's so girly and chic.... I bought it in a medium.

Outfit #2

I love myself a good blouse with a pencil skirt. I typically tuck my blouses into my skirt but this particular skirt is a very stretchy, knit material. The stripes help hid the fact that it's hugging every curve (wear your Spanx ladies) but tucking in my top would lead to unsightful bumps. I have a thing for tying a knot at my waist, it adds shape without a belt.

These sandals I am slightly obsessed with and are in the nude shade. I have an itch to buy them in black and blush... I'm really trying not to though. They are not the most comfortable so if you intend to do a lot of walking, I suggest skipping them that day or bring sandals/flats to change into.

Outfit #3
Ann Taylor Peplum Skirt | similar

Pieces that can be used for any season is one of the things I look for in my clothing. This skirt I can wear in any season, I love it so much. This shirt is extremely voluminous so tucking it into a traditional pencil skirt leads to bumps and lumps all over the place. The peplum in this skirt hides all that fabric and the top itself is so soft and breathable. I need to get more in my life. I like throwing on a long necklace with shirts without a collar, just for a little extra sumthin sumthin.

Outfit #4
Coach Wedges | similar

I'll wear black in any season #allblackeverythang. I'll get hotter even faster though so I throw my hair up in a top knot... well when I had long hair, hair is too short now wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Outfit #5
Marshalls Dress
Dolce Vita Sandals | similar

This last outfit would be a casual Friday outfit. I love the cut outs on the shoulder, I have a slight obsession with this style. I could have thrown a belt on this outfit but kind of liked the swingy, flowiness of it.

I hope these outfits helped inspire you and gave you ideas on how to incorporate your own personal style into your work life. Let me know which ones y'all liked or if you try any ideas out :)

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