VLOG #08 | 4th of July + Pineapple Mojito Recipe + Juicy's Play Date

Mike and I stayed at the Omni at Amelia Island during our honeymoon and my favorite drink there was the Cold Fusion at Rum + Tequila Experience. Basically, it's a pineapple mojito. Mojitos are one of my favorite adult beverages, so I decided I needed to recreate this at home. I got the ingredients from the Rum + Tequila Experience menu and used the measurements from Cupcake & Cashmere's Blackberry Mojito recipe. It turned out perfect and delicious! It would even be delicious without the rum for my non-alcoholic or underage readers.

On a side note, I came across the Better Drinking Culture through Instagram randomly one day which I am totally supporting. Back in my younger days, I'd overindulge but as I've gotten older, I refuse to be slowed down by a hangover or not remember everything about an outing. I am loving making my own drinks at home because I know exactly what and how much of something is being put into each drink. Just something I wanted to share with y'all in case you are interested :)

Pineapple Mojito Recipe
[makes 2 cocktails]

8 mint leaves
2 large pieces of pineapple
2 tsp sugar
4 oz Malibu Pineapple Rum
2 oz lime juice [or cheat like me & use lemon juice]
Club soda [or sparkling mineral water, came out fine]

In a glass, rip up the mint leaves randomly and muddle with the sugar & pineapple. Add in the rum and lime/lemon juice and shake it with some ice until the metal shaker is frosted. Then you can strain the cocktail into a tall glass with ice or, if you like bits of mint and pineapple like me, just pour it into a tall glass. Either way, just fill until about 3/4 full. Then top it off with the club soda or sparkling water and enjoy responsibly :)

I didn't notice a huge difference in taste... my local grocery stores were completely sold out of club soda since we waited until the day before to go shopping #smart.

My outfit was all from Target... until next year shorts lol

Organizing my cupboards with the shelf risers... really loving the result. I am definitely going to get more! 



Headed to the dog park for Juicy's play date... this is one of her many excited faces :)

All tuckered out from playing :)

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  1. I loved watching this vlog! And I checked out Better Drinking Culture and agree with the movement, too <3 Now to try this mojito and the shelf risers!