SheIn Sleeveless Lapel Trench

When it comes to fast fashion pieces, I don't like to spend a ton of money. I've wanted to try out the sleeveless trench trend and found a chiffon piece from Forever 21. I didn't want the fabric to be so thin so when I came across this sleeveless trench from SheIn for less than $25, I was up for trying it. I bought this trench in a small and it's still a bit roomy which I like.

The knit dress I bought in a medium because I'm packing a little extra lovin... I wear these shaper shorts to help smooth out my extras.

These heels are literally my most favorite style of heel EVER! Don't be surprised if I get 2 or 3 more colors. Not only do they make my feet and legs look nice but they are surprisingly very comfortable. They are a heel I can wear all day and they only hurt towards the end of the day when I first wear them. Otherwise, they are comfortable like no other.... I can't gush enough about them.

What I'm Wearing:

Thank you hubby for taking these pictures & enduring the cold rain with me! Pictures taken using my Canon T3i with 50 mm f/1.8 lens (upgrading camera soon... so excited!!!). 


  1. love the sleeveless trench on you! adds a nice layered look. i've been thinking about updating my camera! how do you like your t3i? xo Ping

    1. Thank you doll! For pictures, I love it. Having the articulating screen is super helpful when you're taking them by yourself and I have a remote so I can shoot from a distance. Only thing is it doesn't have wifi or touchscreen but that's not huge for me. I'm mainly upgrading to get autofocus in my videos which the T3i does not do. You have to focus it on yourself before starting the video then sit in the exact spot haha